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    Nov 8th, 2018 at 01:17:00     -    Little Nightmares (PS4)

    My last playthrough was such a roller coaster of emotions. I had to battle through this kitchen level where we meet these two giant cooks. The frightening sounds that these two made when they spotted me was terrifying. Some of these puzzles were a little challenging but nothing too difficult. After this part we finally figured out where we are. We are on a boat and it looks like this boat is being constantly boarded by fat people. During this section we had to maneuver our way through these fat people as they ate everything in front of them. It is interesting how there is so many people eating too much food when our character is barley getting by. Throughout this game our person has almost starved and we even had to eat a living rat. But the horrors our character committed recently is just too much. We were having our typical hunger wave when we came across a gnome friend. Throughout the game we have come across these guys. They are the only creatures that have not attacked us, and they even show us sometimes how to get through the level. This gnome was holding a piece of meat for us and I was so grateful for this gesture. When we approached the gnome, we viciously started chewing on the gnome instead of the meat! I was horrified by this scene. Our character is no better then the creatures that we have faced so far. After this scene the game started to get creepy. We had to avoid this ghost lady that kept appearing and the game ended up getting so freaky that I just turned off the game. I really needed some time to calm down and not get a heart attack. I am so interested in how this game turns out and I am definitely going to finish this game.

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    Nov 7th, 2018 at 21:22:41     -    Little Nightmares (PS4)

    This game by far has been the most enjoyable to play. The game has kept me engaged and wanting to keep playing. The story, enemies, and puzzles that this game offers are so interesting. I was introduced to this creepy and long armed baby looking thing. This creature had these tiny legs but could still run super-fast. No where was safe from this thing because it could reach long distances but still be able to catch up to me if I ran. The thing couldnít see so if I was quiet; I was safe. The game had a lot of jump scares and intense moments that got my heart rate going. When I was finally able to cut its long arms off it was such a satisfying feeling. This game was able to catch the attention of my roommates and we all cheered when we beat this thing. Hopefully this creature doesnít come back even more angry. I talked about the sound in my other entry and through this playthrough it is even more incredible. The creature makes this freaky sound and when it chases you the music really gets you going. The sound is great for knowing where the creature is, and I can kind of anticipate when I need to be sneaky. One annoying thing that I came across during my time playing is walking off the edge and dying. This happened to me so much and I had to repeat long sections. Itís a side scrolling game with some depth to it so walking up narrow stairs is a huge challenge. I am very excited to keep playing this game and learn more about where I am and who these monsters are. The long-armed creature was bagging up children and doing something with them. Hopefully I will be able to save them.

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    Nov 5th, 2018 at 20:27:45     -    Little Nightmares (PS4)

    This game log will be about Little Nightmares. The way the game starts is very cool because it just throws you into this world without any set up or backstory. I did not know why I was there or where I am. I do not even know who this kid in the yellow rain coat is. I guess I am in a dream state based on the title but that is all I got. We do come across what looks like little kids sleeping but I have no idea why this boy is having a nightmare about other people sleeping. The game does not show you any controls, but I was able to figure out most of them from just pressing every button. But if you do get stuck on something the game will tell you what buttons to press to get past the obstacle. The game has done a good job leading me through the level with well placed signs or lighting. But the sound has really had a big impact on my experience so far. Every enemy has a creepy/scary noise to it and the music will pick up quickly if there is an enemy close by. When the boy is running you can even hear his rain coat rubbing together. All the ambient sounds do a great job of putting me in this world. I have not figured anything else during my time playing the game. I do think we are being watched by someone because of all the eyes scattered around and we found a monitor with different videos on it. Every time the boy dies he wakes up again so maybe he is stuck in this nightmare. The games mechanics are simple but there are a lot of wrinkles that the game does with each one. The mechanics so far are a run, grab, and turn on a lighter. But with these three the game is able to make a lot of cool puzzles and obstacles. I did not except much going into this game but so far I am interested in the story and enjoy the gameplay.

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    Sep 27th, 2018 at 00:26:51     -    This is the Police (PC)

    During my time playing there were so many cut scenes. Jack has a new friend that they both share secrets with and I am getting the feeling that this relationship will affect his already fragile relation with his wife. Jackís new friend opened up about a serious issue that made me feel so bad for her. She is trapped, and it is hard for her to get help. Luckily, she has Jack to talk to or else the situation could get worse. Also, a new serial killer has come to Freeburg and the civilians are going crazy. One day after word got out about the serial killer so many calls were coming in about how they saw the serial killer. I donít blame the people because if word got out that a serial killer was near me I would be very freaked out too. The day to day police work has gotten very easy. Less police officers are skipping work and more recruits signed up, so I now almost have a full crew. However, the detective work has been so intense. Now that the serial killer is here more and more detectives must be used to catch him and at one point I had five investigations open. I slimed it down to three, so I donít feel too overwhelmed, but I have been stuck on this one investigation for about 18 days now and I just want to finish this case. The gameís story has really opened up with a lot of different story lines happening. There is the serial killer investigation, the whole problem with Jackís wife and hiring a private detective. Then there is Jack trying to keep his job and his relationship with his new friend. Also, the head mafia guy randomly called Jack, so I feel like that will turn into something. All these situations are pretty life change so it must be hard for Jack mentally. Jack must deal with all these problems and still command police officerís day to day. I do not know if real life police chiefs must deal with all this but if they do that must be so hard on them and their families.

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