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    Nov 9th, 2018 at 00:44:34     -    A Mortician's Tale (PC)

    For this final session, I replayed A Mortician's Tale to see if there were any elements that i had missed on my first playthrough. Really not much else to say. The game overall was short and sweet. I do think the corporation was truly immoral in its business practices (mainly in the way that it tried to make money, mainly through the exploitation of people in grieving or mourning). Besides that, the game really threw a positive spin on death as a whole, probably as a way to throw off a lot of misconceptions on the whole process.

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    Nov 7th, 2018 at 23:10:30     -    A Mortician's Tale (PC)

    Play Session 2:

    At the end of the last session, the owner of the funeral home, due to financial issues, was forced to sell ownership to a corporation that basically has a chain of funeral homes presumably across the country.

    As the days go by, Charlie receives more and more emails from corporate, initially seeming fairly innocent (and seemingly wanting to carry on the vision of the previous owner) to straight up dastardly. The CEO emphasizes that you need to upsell his overpriced funeral plans when interacting with customers. At this point you can even see what kind of absurd prices he's charging if you care to poke around. This man, the head of the company, is taking advantage of people in grief to charge them through the teeth for funeral services, and adding additional fees wherever he can. He even goes as far as to start disposing of bodies for the city and later for the local hospitals for extra revenue.

    However, as corrupt as this corporation is, you can see behind the emails from corporate and some old friends, you can find that Charlie is finding out how to start her own business... Which she does in the end, which seemed a bit surprising, but the last move from corporate must've been the last straw.

    The ending of the game, having Charlie running her funeral service as she sees fit really gives the game a very wholesome and satisfying conclusion to the story. Seeing how Charlie plants a tree atop every grave just makes me feel.. happy, happy that she's been able to do things her way, and happy that there are people no longer being exploited by dirty corporations, and can find some peace.

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    Nov 7th, 2018 at 03:42:27     -    A Mortician's Tale (PC)

    I went into 'A Mortician's Tale' knowing basically that it's.. well, a mortician simulator of sorts. Playing through, you take control of a female mortician named Charlie(really Charlotte), who is working for a mom and pop funeral home. Here, Charlie works to prepare bodies according to the deceased relative's wishes in order to prepare them for the funeral. The first few stages were more tutorial than anything, however, after each session of prepping the body, you attend the funeral to pay your respects. This, mainly, gives the game a rather wholesome vibe to it.

    After a bit of playing, the game presents you with an moral choice: a teenager has committed suicide, and in his will states that he wishes to be cremated, but his family believes that he was not in his right mind, and wishes for his body be prepped for an open-casket funeral. Now, you can either go through with the family's wishes or refuse, and prep another body entirely. I personally could not go through with it. It just felt.. so wrong going against someone's last wishes. Roughly after this part, I ended my session. I'm intrigued by how the game tells story, and can't wait to see how it progresses.

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    Sep 28th, 2018 at 00:36:25     -    Nier Automata (PC)

    Nier:Automata, through its many features (music, combat, world building in general) does a tremendous job in creating a new (and yet, familiar) world to explore through the eyes of strangers (the androids, 2B and 9S). While, at times, there were moments where the game's systems didn't always seem to blend perfectly together, I can overlook these slights due to all the positives I experienced in my short time playing.

    My final play session through this game did not really unearth any new or groundbreaking, but it still gives me plenty to think about in the meantime. At the beginning you see the machine life-forms as nothing more than monstrosities that you must destroy. As you move forward through, you realize that these machines are more than just animated hunks of metal. They have thoughts of a sort, they react to your presence, some are frightened of you for what you are, some hate you for what you are. Certain machines have a sense of loyalty to some monarch, some just want to live in peace. Given how inhuman they can be, particularly in appearance, there is a lot of humanity within them.

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