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    Nov 8th, 2018 at 22:51:35     -    This is the police (PC)

    I noticed that there were really sad moments that really didn't have to do with the investigations or day to day police work. I noticed that in one of the "training", a narrative of domestic violence appeared, which is rather harsh. This game has so, so many moral issues, and a lot of things happen without really a need to. There was also the threat to kill all of my black officers, which scared me bad. A friend told me that in his play through, he didn't fire them thinking it was a meaningless threat, and they actually killed all the employees. I felt very bad, but firing them made me feel like it was sort of a win. The day to day work got even more intense too, like having to use force to keep a protest at bay, and even started to get hostage situations. In this game, I can see the moral and ethical issues of a corrupt government, and how certain entities can manipulate people into doing terrible things. Everything has it's consequences, and you are in charge of so many people's lives, jobs, and the citizen's safety.

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    Nov 7th, 2018 at 23:36:51     -    This is the police (PC)

    This time, I made it to the 6th day.
    I also noticed how Kendrick walked around with the mafia and died. It really astounded me how harsh this town was, a lot of the crimes became worse and harder to deal with. Just knowing I had a choice to either think the mafia was bluffing or would actually act upon their threats scared me. Having to make ties with other gang members like Kuan-Yin Lin also threw me off. Now, I can start to see how this game is really heavy in it's moral and ethical issues.

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    Nov 6th, 2018 at 13:39:11     -    This is the police (PC)

    I started to play this game, and found it kind of confusing. I can see where the moral issues are in the game, but it doesn't tell me yet exactly what's going on that unethical. I can tell that all the characters are corrupt in the someway (the mayor as an example). I can also tell there are big issues with gangs in the city, but that's about it. Another issue I can see is how you as the chief are responsible for your police, but it still doesn't seem like anything other than police work so far. I have gotten to past day 3.

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    Sep 27th, 2018 at 23:10:14     -    A Mortician's Tale (PC)

    Today, the game started off as usual, with emails and a different body to prepare for the day. Slowly, the issue of corporate greed in such a harsh business started to become a bigger theme in the game. With the buy out, the emails started to get more and more tense, and it showed a major difference between a company who cared about the mourning family vs one that just wants to make more money. The ending was also... rather abrupt. Not sure if I liked it much, and the ending really confirmed to me the use of formaldehyde and green burials. It almost felt like the game didn't have a complete ending, and that somehow it was just a push to show the dev's standpoint on traditional funerals. Not sure, just very weird and totally ended out of nowhere, leaving me to fill in the dots.

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