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    Nov 9th, 2018 at 00:12:32     -    This Is the Police (PS4)

    Final play session (for now). I decided to explore how being a corrupt cop would be and working with the mafia and how the power and money can affect how a person behaves. I got a couple contracts and decide whether to try and keep my force alive or kill them. The mafia get involved and want you to do more and more, if you do more you get rewarded better and if you don't the mafia have a chance of finding out that you are double crossing them and things start to go downhill with them. Overall the game is really interesting and fun. A lot of ethical dillemmas to explore.

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    Nov 8th, 2018 at 11:00:38     -    This Is the Police (PS4)

    Play session two was very interesting last night. It seems the overall moral dilemma is whether to go against the law or not, and your own moral beliefs for personal gain within the game. Theres more things you can do to manage your police force. The game asked me today to fire all my black officers. Very interesting. That is definitely against mine and most of the worlds moral code. But there was personal gain from it. Yet I still didn't feel the need to do it. More missions pop up to send 'x' amount of cops to go investigate and there was a point that i didn't have any cops and I had to let one crime go un-investigated and another one where I sent a solo cop and he got killed on the job. Sad but that is how the game is. I think for my next session I am going to explore how being corrupt will turn out.

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    Nov 7th, 2018 at 15:08:28     -    This Is the Police (PS4)

    This Is The Police, as soon as the game starts you are already confronted with ethical dilemmas. Do we lie to the reporters or tell them the truth? The character blames everyone else for getting fired and he says how far will he go, will he go corrupt or will he go the right path? Already we also already see that the mayor is corrupt and works with the villains as well. If Mayor Rogers doesn't have any problems from Jack, the police chief, we won't get any problems from him.
    Game play is interesting. You have a view of the city and crimes pop up here and there and you have a certain amount of cops on your shift. Their skill level varying. You send different cops to different crimes that pop up and there are different outcomes that can happen based on the skill of the cops. The crime can be solved with everyone unharmed, the cops can be harmed, the civilian can be harmed, the people can escape or be caught and the cops you send can either receive or redact experience based on the outcome of the crime.
    One more ethical dilemma came up in my first session. Your deputy was preparing a report for you, but not just any report. Its different small jobs, seemingly corrupt jobs, for you to make money for your retirement/pension. Your goal is 500k. The deputy says that you can make that just by hitting all your bonuses and such with the cops, or you can make it by doing these corrupt jobs under the table. So far the ethics are everywhere. Very interesting so far.

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    Sep 27th, 2018 at 04:50:50     -    Little Nightmares (PS4)

    I have played through most of the game and i am loving it. The puzzles are challenging and pulling me in to play. The environment is grotesque and interesting and giving the game this feel of uncertainty and unsettling tone.(For the purpose of this assignment i have looked up how the game ends.)
    The game starts out with a little girl in a yellow rain jacket in what seem to be a sewerish kind of place or a ship. The environment is dark and not pleasing to the eye but it draws you in. You are in a prison where they keep children and other animals captive and treat them poorly and torture them. The monsters are grotesque and gruesome looking creatures. Theres bloodstained walls and people hanging from the ceiling either by suicide or murder. The story is very straightforward and dark. As you progress the mechanic of hunger is added to the game. Which leads me to the ethical of the game. If you don't eat you don't die, but it makes the game substantially harder. Is it okay to starve this little girl or is it okay to murder and eat these rats, monsters, and even the gnomes that are trying to help you. You watch other children get hooked and processed by these monsters. The girl gets more and more ravenous as you play. All these events lead to you surviving the matriarch and killing and eating her. You have essentially become what she was. The girl isn't a hero. She has been reduced down to a ravenous power hungry animal. She was never ethically in the right from the start of the game. In the end are the monsters the antagonists or is the little girl?
    The game pushes more than just if what the girl is doing is ethically right. Is it okay for these monsters to capture and process children? Is it okay for the developers to show what seems to be a suicide right near the beginning of the game. A lot of the ethical arguments come from the player choices and situations handled.

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