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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 15:43:22     -    Super Mario 64 (N64)

    For the second hour of gameplay, I decided to open up an already saved file on the game. This file was a lot father along in the game than I was. For the next hour, I did my best to not get slaughtered in the levels that I did not have enough experience to play in. Obviously, this did not go so great. It seems as if I could only survive for a couple minutes as soon as I entered a level. However, this did not take away how much fun Super Mario 64 is. The biggest attraction to this game is the challenge factor. I love a game that challenges the player and is difficult to beat. Another huge appeal of this game is the graphics. Super Mario 64 has gorgeous graphics. This really enhances the gameplay experience for the player. It almost seems as if this game is real life, and Mario is actually trying to save the princess due to these graphics.

    One aspect of this game that I did not enjoy is the fact that it is only a single player game. I believe this game would be much more enjoyable if it were at least two players and one could take on Mario's world with a friend. However, it was still fun to switch off game play amongst friends as soon as I died or gained a star. Overall, I believe I gained only two stars in two hours due to the difficulty of the ending levels.

    Super Mario 64 is an amazing game. While playing this game I recalled playing this game as a child. This is a huge appeal to me because this game brings up memories. This game almost has a sentimental value to me because I played it so much as a kid. It was really the reason why I got into videogames. In the end, the thoroughly enjoyed the two hours I played of Super Mario 64 and probably will continue playing after this GameLog.

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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 15:20:19     -    Super Mario 64 (N64)

    For my fifth GameLog, I decided to play Super Mario 64 for Nintendo 64. This game was actually the first 3 dimensional game that I ever played. Ever since I was a young child, this has been one of my favorite games. For the first hour of gameplay, I decided to see how far I could progress in this game. A huge attraction in this game is the idea that the player learns different moves and secrets as the game progresses. For example, on the first level, Mario only knows how to jump, run, and slide. However, several levels later. Mario acquires several new moves that make gameplay a lot easier. It is this idea of "learning" that gives the game such a huge appeal. Another huge attraction in this game is the camera angle. For instance, the camera angle in Super Mario 64 is explained by a character following Mario around on a cloud with a camera. This gives the game a neat aspect and makes it enjoyable to play.

    The levels in Super Mario 64 are different from normal progressive levels. In this game, the levels are based on a star system. There is an average of seven stars per level that Mario is supposed to find in order to continue to the next level. Mario gains these stars by completing different challenges. This is also an addictive aspect to the game. I enjoyed playing the same level over and over again because each time I felt that I became a better player overall.

    Super Mario 64 is an awesome game. The first hour of gameplay felt like minutes, and I only completed the first two levels in their entirety. The flow of the game and the graphics make this game one of the best games of all time, in my opinion. I cannot wait to play the second hour.

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    Feb 8th, 2007 at 18:41:54     -    NCAA Football 2005 (XBX)

    For the second hour of playing NCAA Football 2005, I played single player. I feel as if this game, like many others, is not as enjoyable in single player mode, but this did not stop me from enjoying myself. Single Player mode allows all of the options to be up to me, which I like. I was able to pick the opposing team and the stadium in which I played. I began to notice different aspects of this game in my second hour of play. For example, I noticed how incredible the graphics are and how easy the game flows. Having experience in designing games, i realzied how difficult this game must have been to create. Using GameMaker really shines a different light on videogames. However, the graphics in this game are amazing, everything from the players to the fans/students watching the game is drawn out with incredible detail. Everything is proportional and nice and rounded. These graphics are a huge aspect of this game that draw many sport fans to purchase it.

    Another thing I notcied about this game is the flow. Everything works so perfectly. For example, a player picks a certain play that he or she wants to run. The camera then goes back to the field and the players line up and get ready to run this play. After the play is over, the camera goes back to the "pick a play screen." This steady flow makes the game simple to undertsnad and enjoyable for everyone.

    Overall, I had a fantastic time playing NCAA Football 2005 in both multiplayer and single player mode. I truely forgot how enjoyable this game was. The graphics were fantastic, and the flow of the game was steady and slow. I finally realize how much time and energy must have been put into the making of this game to get and outcome like this. Having experienced with GameMaker, I wish that someday I will be able to fully understand what goes into the making of a game as perfect as this.

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    Feb 8th, 2007 at 18:30:55     -    NCAA Football 2005 (XBX)

    For my fourth GameLog, I decided to play an old favorite of mine. NCAA Football 2005 for Xbox started my addiction with this console. I feel as if i could play this game for ever. It does nto matter if i am playing by myself or with a close friend, NCAA Football 2005 is enjoyable in any circumstance. However, for this first GameLog I decided to play the first hour with a friend of mine. Thie first thing I notcied about this game was all the options each player got to chose. For example, one can chose his or her team, the stadium to be played in, and the different plays. It is these options that makes game play different every time. It keeps the game interesting and always a blast to play.

    Along with this realization, I also notcied another thing. NCAA Football 2005 can be enjoyed by any type of gamer. For instance, it is easy for a beginner to learn all the controls and just enjoy the game, but it is also challenging enough for the most hardcore gamer. It is difficult to learn all the plays and how these plays work with a certain defense. I feel this game can keep one amused for years.

    Playing this game with two players is one of the most addicting things I have ever done. It is so enjoyable to keep challenging the opposing team and talking trash. When one actually wins a game, it feels as if a real football game was won. The hour flew by and my friend and I were only able to fit in two games. I won both and am on top of the world right now. However, i have to go play another hour of this game on single player mode because my friend must leave. I will blog in a few.

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