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    Jan 30th, 2007 at 18:51:47     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    For my second hour of gameplay, I played on the single player mode. I chose to have all my enemies set on the easy mode so i had a chance to beat the game. I amazed myself as i flew through each level and beat the game in about forty-five minutes. I felt accomplished as I set all my enemies to medium mode and gave the game another try. However, i was knocked down a peg when I was killed within ten minutes. Having the option to chose how difficult your enemies are is an appealing aspect to Super Smash Brothers. I notcied that the game is not all that difficult to beat. However, if one can pick the different levels of the enemy, it makes gameplay on single player mode unique each time. It also allows the player to progress and get better by challenging his or herself. I notcied a couple other apsects of this game that enhanced its appeal while playing single player mode, and it was hard for me to put down the controler after the second hour.

    First off, the different weapons one can use makes gameplay more fun and different everytime one plays. For example, one can use a poke ball or a Donkey Kong hammer in order to knock the enemy off of the fort. The strength of these weapons also made game play interesting. For instance, hitting someone with a poke ball was a lot more powerful than hitting someone with a fan. It was very enjoyable to run around the battlefield trying to find the most useful weapon in order to deafeat the enemy.

    Secondly, the bonus levels in single player mode made the game a little bit more of a challenge. In these bonus levels, one is supposed to break all the targets throughout the entire level. These targets are placed in challenging spots that forces the player to use all of the characters different jumps and strikes. These bonus levels were fun in that they could not hurt you, only help you. This took a little pressure off from normal gameplay and allowed me to sit back and really enjoy the game. It was ok to die, and it did not frusturate me at all. In the end, I had a fantastic time playing this game and would recomend everyone to play it. It is fun in both multiplayer mode and single player mode.

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    Jan 30th, 2007 at 18:33:49     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    For my third GameLog, I decided to play Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo 64. This was not my first time playing this game, and before I even started, I remembered all the fun times my firends and I had playing this game. For the first hour of the assignment I played with a freind. I believe that the multiplayer on this game is one of the best multiplayer experiences one can have. We played for a little over an hour. It was a constant battle to see who was more successful at knocking the other off of the battle field. In the end, we called it a tie. However, we can both be considered winners with the amount of fun we had playing against each other.

    The first thing I notcied about Super Smash Brothers was the graphics. The visula aspect of this game is beautiful. Everything is very colorful and looks realistic. Along with the graphics, I also notcied the options that this game gives you. First, one is allowed to pick his or her own character off of a list of about Fifteen. Second, one is allowed to pick the color of his or her character. Third, one is allowed to pick the firled in which they will battle. Forth and finally, there are many different weapons and moves that a player can use in order to throw the other player off of the fort. These options makes each gameplay unique and keeps the player interested over a long period of time.

    Another aspect of this game that kept me wanting to play more was the list of different characters. The characters on the list were all characters of past Nintendo games. For instance, one can be Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Link, etc. I believe that this is a great idea because it makes the player feel as if he or she already has a relationship with the character he or she is playing as. Overall this was a fantastic game, and the next hour I will play in single player mode and try to defeat the CPU.

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    Jan 18th, 2007 at 18:51:03     -    Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)

    For my second GameLog I chose to play and write about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Play Station 2. Let me just start by saying this is most likely the most addicting game I have ever played. I started this game with the intent to beat some levels and progress in the overall game. However, after running and driving around killing people and causing havoc, I was hooked. I spent the entire hour accomplishing nothing, but I feel like I killed thousands and thousands of people. After playing the game for about thirty minutes, I decided it was time to put in cheat codes.

    I logged onto the interent and looked up some codes. After entering them into the game, I feel like my game play was enhanced. I now had all the money I could ever want, infinite amo, and plenty of weapons. I continued to drive through San Andreas ruining buildings and killing people. I did not bother with the missions, however, at this point in my game playing, I started to realize different details of the game.

    I first noticed all of the different options one could chose from while playing this game. For example, the different cars one can steal or the different guns one can use. These options make game play a lot more enjoyable because it allows the gamer to experience the game in many different ways. Also, i noticed the smaller details to the game. For example, the radio stations that played while driving and the secret jumps one can potentionally launch off of. These small details also make the game enjoyable due to the idea the gamer feels accomplished once he or she discovers these items. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been really enjoyable for me, and I cannot wait to play another hour and blog about it.

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    Jan 11th, 2007 at 21:57:35     -    James Bond Goldeneye 007 (N64)

    After playing another hour of Goldeneye, I began to realize all of the detail that went into this game. For example, I noticed the detail put into each gun. Since this game is a RPG type game, there is a weapon constnatly in front of you. The details on this weapon are incredible. They look like the real thing. Along with this, the setting of each Multiplayer level is very dinstinct from all the other settings. There is always several differnt things that you can do in one level that you cannot do in another. For example, different places to sniper and different places to hide exist in each level. I find that this aspect of the game keeps things interesting and from the players getting bored with the same thing over and over again.
    The music in the game is also a key aspect in the game's appeal. The music corresponds to the movie almost exactly which hooks people in. Since the movie was such a hit many people most likely went straight form the movie to the game. The different characters in the game also gave Goldeneye a certain type of cool aspect. Being able to chose the character that one is playing is makes the game more exciting and interesting.
    I believe that chosing Goldeneye for the first game that I would have to blog about was an excellent choice. Not only was this game easy to learn, it was also very enjoyable and entertained us hours upon hours. Not once in my two hours of playing this game was there a dull moment. I would recomned this game to anyone. You will be hooked.

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