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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 02:14:55     -    Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

    So, I arrived at Hyrule Castle to meet with Zelda. I must say, those guards aren't very bright. They were so easy to get by. She told me a story. I can tell by the way she speaks that she is wise. I guess that's why she has the Triforce of Wisdom. We saw Ganondorf who I all ready know is the villain. He's also well designed. You can tell he's the villain. He's scary looking. When I was done speaking to Zelda, I spoke with Impa who taught me Zelda's Lullaby. I'm sure that will be very useful. After that, my annoying fairy, Navi, suggested going to visit Saria again. So, I did that and she also taught me a song: Saria's Song. Now, it was time to go to Kakariko village to enter the Dodongo's Cavern. Before going there, I explored the village. I found Impa's house. I also found the graveyard. I learned another song there: Sun's Song. At nighttime, I found a grave that opened up. In there, I found a new shield. But, it's too big for young Link. Soon I headed for Dodongo's Cavern, but a guard was blocking the way. So, I had to get him a mask for his son. I really don't think it was for his son though. I think he wanted it for himself since he was wearing it. He moved and I was able to enter the trail. Now, there was a rock blocking the entrance so I went up to the Goron's little village. They're pretty cool looking guys. The music is just so catchy. Eventually I made my way to Dodongo's Cavern by blowing up the rock. I ended there because it took a while just to get in. I like the game so far. The music is excellent. The level design is awesome. The characters are memorable. It has a lot of elements that I look for in a good game. Unfortunately, it takes a while to get across the map. But, I know I'll be getting Epona later to help me out. Navi also gets annoying after a while. Sometimes, it seems a little glitchy. For example, I can see through the walls at times. Other than that, I really don't have any complaints.

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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 00:43:10     -    Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

    With the new Twilight Princess game out, it's weird going back and playing an older Zelda game. I started off as kid Link in Kokiri Village. It was really fun going through the town and interacting with the characters. After getting my sword and shield, I ended up inside the Deku Tree which ended up being a dungeon. This was the first dungeon of the game. The dungeon was actually very simple. There weren't any complicated puzzles or enemies. The dungeon was designed nicely. I enjoyed fighting in it. Before arriving at the final boss, I received a new weapon: the fairy slingshot. When I met the boss, Gohma, I knew that I probably had to use my new item. I was right. I had to shoot her in the eye when it was red. Then she fell off the wall and I just had to use my sword on her. The fight was fun, but it was really easy. I guess that was good though so that I can get used to the game. After beating the dungeon, I met with the Deku tree again. After talking with him, it was time to go to Hyrule. Before leaving, my buddy Saria gave me an ocarina. Then, I ended up in Hyrule Field. So far I've noticed that the soundtrack is really good and catchy. It really adds to the game. So does the design of the different areas. Hyrule field was very nicely desgined. But, those flying things scared me when they started chasing me. But, I managed to get passed them. Next time, I know I'll be going to Hyrule Castle. Now I'm in the market. The people there seem so happy and lively. I enjoy being there and interacting with the people.

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    Feb 9th, 2007 at 05:16:43     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    Today a friend and I attempted a rather grand challenge: Stock Team, 8 lives, versus two computer characters at level nine. Naturally we pick the fight against Luigi and Fox (Luigi for his continual cheating in the Mario Party Games: I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN THAT!, and Fox because he is just flat out annoying although I am a fan of Starfox). I dont know about other Smash Bros. players but there are some characters I pick when I just want to kick butt (Jigglypuff), some characters I pick because of previous encounters leaving me in need of a little revenge (again, Luigi) and some characters picked when i'm in the mood for a challenge (obviously, Samus). Anyway, back to the Stock Team, my friend and I had been doing pretty well in past matches. Thus, we thought it would be hard but do-able to switch the CPU levels to the max. I will be the first to say this may have been a little ambitious, we are no dream team when it comes to this game. Albeit we do have our strengths, we also have our fair share of weakness. I, for example, will begin "butt-slamming" with Yoshi and never stop. It gets to the point where I will literally be doing this same move for the whole game and stop only in the presence of a hammer or bat (inwhich case the game is usually pretty much over considering the awesome abilities of each). My partner, for example, simply can't stay alive! We had about five attempts and came very close each time but perished (usually unfairly) in the end. First of all, the CPU's on nine make it their mission to STEAL any and everything from the boxes and barrels given to give players an edge. Apart from the increase in their abilities, these CPU's have countless other ways to cheat!. For example, in one instance, it is Yoshi (me) versus Luigi (CPU), both with one life, both with significant damage. I'll admit I was pretty sure this one was mine. In general, the butt slam works impeccably on opponents with a lot of damage, one hit and they're flying towards the backdrop. However, its different this time. As I prepare to execute this usually flawless manuever, in the middle of a high jump, Luigi, with all his cheating, grabs me mid air and proceeds to swing me around in a manner never seen before, effortlessly tossing me to my doom. I didnt see it coming, especially since he was just hit by a mine and lying motionless on the floor. He was faking death! Faking! And I, thinking his demeanor meant he was injured beyond repair, too weak to really attack me, proceeded to attempt my final move. Little did I know that CPU can shamelessly make it so you believe one thing when the situation is anything but! But, as I have established before, Luigi cheats, it is simply what he is good at. Fox, on the other hand, is a vindictive little pest. In almost every match it seemed as if that once you had hit Fox in some way, regardless of how much damage ensued, he made is his goal to pretty much be your shadow until the game finishes. Literally, there have been instance where I would hit Fox and he would from then on completely ignore the other players. It as if it becomes personal with this one! He becomes your shadow, behind you every step of the way and it can get pretty annoying. Aside from all the cheating and all the stalking, this game is overall fun. It really brings out the "Crazy" in people, I, for example, have not yelled that loud at a T.V screen in a very very long time. Smash Bros. can make you sad and it definately can make you mad, you simply have to remember one thing: there's always Jiggly puff!

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    Feb 9th, 2007 at 04:44:18     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    Super Smash Bros. is yet another classic N64 game. As far as characters go, it presents a wide aray of variety from older, lesser known players such as Samus and Captain Falcon to the more modern and recognizable (especially is you were apart of the Pokemon craze) Pikachu and Jugglypuff. In my opinion, each character is pretty equally matched as far as abilities (although Jigglypuff is THE WORST in my opinion), its just a matter of mastering each of their techniques etc. Personally, I began the game using the great DK as I do in every game he is in but have since moved on to Yoshi (the convience and power of the "butt slam" is the enticing feature here). Gameplay is pretty entertaining even if you are in one player mode. However, in my opinion two player and more mode is great too. Usually, I enjoy the Time Team versus computers, a great way to take out aggressions without offending any of your friends etc. As far as levels go, the BEST is Hyrule Castle, no question. It an excellent size, with just the right amount of obstacles (although I do admit the tornados can get really annoying). The most difficult and perhaps most frusterating is the Mushroom Kingdom secret level. You usually get this one after completing the entire game within a set amount of time and personally I was happy without it. The obstacles in the level are great challenges (the two dissapearing platforms can be fun when you aren't the one falling of them). However, the camera operation in the Kingdom is the worst out of the game's general levels. When playing, fifty percent of the time I can't even see where on the screen I am!. The view is either to far or too focused on someone or something that isn't you! Great for the computer controlled oponents who are seemingly never affected by this problem and in fact take advantage of it, bad for us human's.As far as comflict, it is a battle game, so, basically, you battle!The objective can range from getting a large number of KO's in time mode or staying alive in Stock mode.

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