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    Feb 10th, 2007 at 00:38:02     -    House Of The Dead 2 (DC)

    Alright, so after beating the game the first session in arcade mode, I went back and completed the story mode version. This time, instead, you as a player can pick up items, intead of just bonus points. I also played on difficutly hard for more of a challenge. I used the infinity bullets, no reload item that I picked up previously from a previous game I played. Though on dificulty hard, it is far from it now with this item chosen.
    I focused more on level design this time rather than the storyline. There is a very lurid decrepid feel based upon the level structure. Levels are fast pace, in your face, and full of blood. There are a lot of merky underground senarios. Waterfront confrontations, and cityscapes. Im glad there focus wasnt simply based on scary places, but more socially exeptable areas as well. Boss fight are pretty consistent throughout, not really varying in dificullty, but more in creativity, with exception to the last to bosses, whom are predomietly difficult no matter what level of gameplay you are at.

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    Feb 9th, 2007 at 22:14:08     -    House Of The Dead 2 (DC)

    House of the dead is a first person arcade shooter, later ported to the dreamcast console. I used the dreamcast gun for this particular gaming session, thus making for more entertaining gameplay. I have beaten this game continueous times and am very familar of all it stradegies and secrets, also making for more in depth gameplay. I started this game in arcade mode, therefore the only secret and pickups available in the game are for points only, as opposed to the story mode in which items are vailable to help you on your next quest throughout the game.
    The game starts out with a cutscene which includes rather amusing spoken dialogue. You are introduced to a gruesome gargoyle bluntly forshadowing an umpcoming boss battle later in the level. As I Fought through the 1st level i collected all the secrets and point bonuses it had to offer. I was introduced to several grim foes of the dead, merely in the first min or so into the game. This is an intriguing factor the game has to offer. The fast paced nature of the game I assume is to keep one entertained and have one asking for more. I continued playing this game until I completely beat it, which took me about 40 min or so.

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    Jan 31st, 2007 at 20:38:38     -    Goldeneye 007 (N64)

    For our second session, two players left, and I found myself face to face against one oponant. During this second session, I emphasized my time on the controls, cardinality, offensive strategy and overall structure of the game. Having become accustom to pretty much every aspect of the game, due to endless hours of playing in my childhood, the controls seemed almost second nature to me. However I can picture a more inexperienced player having a little dificulty adjusting to the combinations of the analog joystick, primary blue and green buttons and the c-pad. The cardinality of the characters are nothing special (it is a first person shooter). There are your basic movements, forward, back, strafe, turn and duck. Well thats it for this entry.

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    Jan 31st, 2007 at 18:31:05     -    Goldeneye 007 (N64)

    A couple friends and I today sat down and played some good ol' fashioned Goldeneye 007, argueably one of the best games for Nintendo 64. We started out with 4 players, I have a previously saved completed game, so we had access to all the extra features and hidden characters, which ultimately made for more exciting gameplay. All four of us were quite familiar with the game, and most of us new the maps like the back of our hand. For the first gaming session, we chose the cave map, with proximity mines as our primary weapon system. If you have played the game yourself with these settings you must know what its like to play with mines in a relativly dark area. You are even at risk of killing yourself at times, thus making this battle a little more challenging. The game lasted about 12 min or so with the 10 kills option on. I came out top the first time, however the second session I didnt do so hot. We played with the goldengun, and in my opinion this weapon is a cheap way of excersising your ability to play the game.

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