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    Feb 24th, 2007 at 00:58:06     -    Halo 2 (XBX)

    The second hour that I played the game was a similar experience to the first hour. I was able to incorporate a little more strategy into my gameplay, but i still lost most of the rounds and died often by blowing myself up. I started to notice ways of looking around in the level. This helped me sneak around more and assassinate people. Assassination is a cool feature in the game design because it makes each kill feel like an accomplishment (not only did you kill them, but they didn't even notice you till they died. I also found the sticky grenades to be a cool feature. This is because even if you die, they die as well. They are also hard to use because of the aiming system. This is good because it makes the weapon a more legitimate kill. After playing for a while i was able to notice some excellent features as well as faults in the game design. I found it silly that one is not able to play against bots in the splyitscreen mode.
    I also noticed that some weapons are purely better and easier to use than others. This can always be a problem because the game turns less into a game of skill and more into a game of luck (or cheapness)
    E.G. Rockets are cheap-- they are a one hit kill and they dont even need to hit the other character
    Sniping with invisibility is cheap
    Using vehicles in an open level also present a little bit of an advantage and is slightly cheap
    After playing for a while, we were able to develop some implicit rules to follow.
    -Don't interfere with a serious duel between two people
    -Don't use vehicles as a method to kill (instead use them as transportation and, if the opportunity arises you may kill)
    -Don't use rockets (unless to take down a vehicle)

    I found the game design to be good in this way. We were able to play the game long enough so as to write implicit rules. I had a good time playing and intend to again in the near future.

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    Feb 24th, 2007 at 00:46:14     -    Halo 2 (XBX)

    When we first started playing this game, I was a bit intimidated by the skill level of my peers. The graphics were decent, the load time was good, and the custom character design was versatile enough. This all tied into the gameplay. The main aspect of game design is that it is a first person shooter. I have barely delved into the genre in the past and this is one of my first times ever attempting to get good at a fps. Having starting with an inverted y stick the last time i ever played this type of game, I decided to continue in that direction. The inverted y stick was easy for me to learn because I had done it in the past however, it was moderately hard to steer my way around the levels for the first hour of gameplay. I had no strategy because of this, and my average life was about 10 seconds. I was also averaging about 3 kills in a 25 kill to win game. The game design seems to be fairly simplistic in its concept--the more you kill the more you win.

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    Feb 9th, 2007 at 06:04:29     -    Dance Dance Revolution (PS2)

    The second hour that I played, I was fairly exhausted from the first hour. Dance dance revolution is unique in that it not only depletes your mental but also your physical stamina.
    The game was fun to play as I hadnt played in a while but I dont feel that it was as good as the arcade version. After I got sick of sliding around on my crappy dance pad, I borrowed a thick foam one from my roomate.
    Because the buttons still didnt petrude like the metal pad, I had trouble finding them and my accuracy was still way down. The foam pad sensitivity was really weak and i had to step hard to make the buttons work. this was boring and it got aggrivating after the second hour was up. I dont plan on playing it again anytime soon unless im in an arcade.

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    Feb 9th, 2007 at 05:49:00     -    Dance Dance Revolution (PS2)

    Dance dance revolution is an original game that cannot not be matched in its genre. In my past, I must have spent over a couple hundred dollars playing it in the arcade. I brought a dance pad with me to santa cruz and hadn't had a chance to use it but now it has served its purpose-- to prove to me that the game is better in the arcade. Because of the button sensitivity and the pad sliding on the floor, my accuracy was way down. Normally i would be able to double A songs like rhythm and police on heavy mode, but instead I was scoring Cs and Bs,
    The songs were mostly unlocked but lacking in the ten step department. I had to play for the first hour just unlocking new songs to play.

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