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    Feb 25th, 2007 at 01:56:52     -    WCW vs NWO Revenge (N64)

    Still a great game. My friend let me borrow his N64 and I'm taking advantage of it. My housemates and I have really gotten into this title. The mutiplayer mode is the way to go. The single player can get a bit tedious.

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    Feb 16th, 2007 at 08:27:02     -    X-Men vs Street Fighter (Arcade)

    I kept playing this. After over an hour and a half it is getting boring, but like I said in my last log, it is more of a game to play if you have a short period of time to kill. There isn't enough variation in game play to keep it exciting for too long, at least against the computer. If I was playing with someone else it might be a different story, but even then I have kind of a short attention span and would probably switch to another fighter anyway. I'll touch on a few things I neglected to in my last log. The character animation is pretty smooth. It seems that each new release has more frames than the previous one and is much more aesthetically pleasing. It is possible to play as Akuma. He is a hidden character who is selectable by going to the top row of the character selection screen and hitting the joystick up. He has the raging demon, and in the incarnation of the street fighter series you can execute it with a level one power meter, although it is less powerful than in previous games where the power meter had to be maxed out. I actually stopped playing for a minute and loaded up Marvel vs Capcom which is a later release which seems like an amped up version of X-men Street Fighter. I'll do a full log on that another time, but if you like this game you'll get a kick out of the other. I have to say that there is a special spot in my heart for old school 2d fighters. I like them much better than any of their 3d counterparts. The 3d ones (at least the ones I've played) are much more sluggish and I really like the hand drawn animations. Overall this is a solid game.

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    Feb 16th, 2007 at 05:03:15     -    WCW vs NWO Revenge (N64)

    I had to write an entry for this game after a renewed appreciation for it. I love this game. As I've stated in previous entries I'm all about games where you kick your friends in the face and get to talk shit, and that is all this game is! First off it's a four player game, freakin' sweet. Second you can get weapons. I love the ridiculous taunts. Most of my favorite wrestlers are in it. And most importantly it has THE BEST countering system I have ever seen. It is all about timing and if you get it down you can reverse striking and grappling moves as well as other players counters. Once you get the hang of it you can have epic matches with your friends. On a side note I thought Def Jam Vendetta was a great game but would have been infinatly better if the counter system for WCW vs NWO Revenge was implemented. The only things I thought that could have been better with this game were the soundtrack, and the create a player. If THQ put out a new version of this game with updated graphics, a more rockin' soundtrack, more gore, more signature moves, special matches (like cage matches, etc) and managers (like paul bearer for instance)I would buy it in a heartbeat. They would just need to put more money into advertising and I'm positive legions of wrestling fans would dish out their hard earned cash the title.

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    Feb 16th, 2007 at 04:45:59     -    X-Men vs Street Fighter (Arcade)

    I just got done playing this game for about 45 minutes and beat it several times. I've always been a fan of the street fighter genre. I enjoy most games where you just kick your friend in the face, and get the opportunity to talk mad shit, and I think that the opportunity to talk shit is an often overlooked aspect of game design. Anyways, getting on with the review. I naturally have to compare this game to all of the other street fighter titles I've played, and while I thoroughly enjoyed this title I liked the combo system in the alpha series the best. It just seemed smoother, more natural, and easier to bust combos. I enjoyed that this particular game was one in which you choose a team and can alternate members mid-game. I've also been a big fan of the X-Men for much of my life, but as much as I don't want to admit it, I think the street fighter characters outclass the former. My favorite team bar none is Ken (in his red costume of course) and the gray varient of Juggernaut. What can you do against the unstoppable Juggernaut? He's frickin' huge! The level design isn't usually a big concern with these types of games. For the most part I'm content just to see some throwback to a previous title or lesser know character in the background. I did like how on some levels you could break a barrier of some type and go to a different plane (underground for instance), but it really doesn't impact the game play very much. As I said before the addition of one or two well thought out elements can make a seemingly beat to death genre come alive again, and the super jumps, aerial combos, and team super moves, as well as a dash and knock back feature, while not ground breaking by any means, was enough for me to be satisfied. I would highly recommend this title to anyone who has a couple of free minutes (doesn't take to long to go though) and enjoys fighters.

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