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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 02:54:10     -    Patapon (PSP)

    Upon playing Patapon for the second time, I became more engaged in the game than I had been before. For one thing, the controls became easier to use. I could now easily press the given button while the given beat was being played. However, there were instances that I would make a mistake, and this caused my rhythm to get “off-track.” However, despite some errors made, I was able to successfully and happily complete level after level.

    The characters in the game are quite lovable. They remind me of the Pikmin tribe from the Nintendo game, Pikmin. Their appearance and vocals are quite cartoon-like and it is obvious that the game was made to attract children. Furthermore, while playing you develop a bond with the characters in the game, which causes sadness when you lose patapons in battle.

    Game Design:
    This game is innovative because it revolves around “keeping to the beat.” The actions of the characters in the game depend on whether on not the player is able to correctly press the right button on the correct beat. To make it even more complex, the order that one must push buttons becomes harder and harder to memorize as the game progresses. The game creates conflict by throwing multitudes of enemies in the way of the patapons. Furthermore, if the player misses a beat, they must wait a few seconds before they can continue their progress.

    The level design of the game is quite simple. In the early levels, the majority of the game takes place on the bottom half of the screen, with the remainder being filled with empty space. The reward structure of the game is also simple. As each level is completed, a new move is unlocked or more patapons are added to the player’s army. Also, a new mission is unlocked. Overall, this game is simple, yet extremely fun and offers hours of entertainment.

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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 00:29:25     -    Patapon (PSP)

    I chose to play the abstract game, Patapon for the Playstation Portable. In the game, you aid armies of patapons, little eyeball-shaped creatures, in accomplishing a sequential series of missions. Your ultimate goal: to find the earth’s end! Being their god, it is your duty to ensure that these whimsical beings make it safely to this destination. To add challenge to the game, various enemies hinder the path in an attempt to obliterate your patapons!

    Upon first playing Patapon, I realized that this game is unlike any other game I have ever played. I also realized that I had no idea what I was doing. There is quite a lot of dialogue in the intro of the game, which I hurriedly rushed through. However, I eventually learned that the game is all about keeping the beat. In order to control a patapon, you must press a given button at the appropriate time; that is, on the correct drum beat.

    The story seemed very simple upon first playing as well. The game is a 2D side scroller, and you progress by pressing the appropriate button. The D-Pad is not used at all, which is slightly awkward at first. However, you soon become engaged in playing the game due to its extreme uniqueness. Overall, my first impression of the game was one of confusion yet amusement as well.

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 01:55:00     -    Super Mario 64 (N64)

    Classic log #2

    On my second round of gameplay of Super Mario 64, I felt myself become more engaged in the game. I found myself often saying, “Just five more minutes,’ and forty-five minutes later, I would still be playing. On top of the addictiveness of the game, other people were drawn in to watch me play. Not many games are interesting to watch from a bystander’s point of view, yet this one is an exception.

    The storyline in the game is very creative. Mario must make his way through a multitude of levels, each one different from the next. The levels are also located in paintings and Mario must jump into these artworks, further adding to the creativity. As the game progresses, the levels become harder and harder because they include more complex puzzles and challenges. Although some of the challenges are frustrating, they are not impossible, and provide great satisfaction when completed.

    This game is innovative because it takes the 2D version of Super Mario and turns it into a 3D platform. It also contains multiple, unique, imaginary lands and levels. The levels in the game pretty much use all the space that they can, allowing the player to explore to great extents. Although there are parts that restrict Mario to traverse certain paths, the player mostly chooses his or her own route. The player must also figure out the safest and easiest way to get to a star.

    The reward structure in the game is as follows: with every given amount of stars collected, a new level(s) is presented. When the basic game is completed, that is you defeat Bowser, you are also allowed to free Peach. Furthermore, there are bonuses for collecting all the stars in the game, but that takes a lot of effort. The game offers many challenges, for the player must figure out how to maneuver Mario through series of booby traps in order to collect stars. Enemies, such as Goombas, are also spawned in the game to add complexity. Overall, this is a fun and mind-boggling game to play!

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 23:36:56     -    Super Mario 64 (N64)

    Classic log #1:
    This week I chose to play the hit game, Super Mario 64. In the game, you play as the mustached, red-capped plumber, Mario. Your goal: to rescue the princess, Peach, from the evil monster, Bowser. During your tedious journey, you collect stars to open more levels, which are very complex. All in all, this is a very addictive game providing hours of entertainment!

    Upon first playing the game, I realized that the controls were fairly simple. This added to my enjoyment in playing the game for I easily mastered Mario’s moves. Because the game is from a third-person perspective, I was able to see Mario’s actions clearly. Furthermore, because the game has camera controls, there is no reason for a player to blame the camera for a death. This is unlike other inferior games, which do not offer camera controls, leading to player frustration.

    The characters in the game are classic and lovable. First off, the plump plumber’s appearance is quite likable, forcing players to feel attached to him. On the other hand, Bowser’s appearance is the exact opposite. His look and persona are just pure evil, urging players to defeat him as fast as possible. Finally, there is Peach, whose innocence and elegant appearance create the perfect damsel in distress. The assortment of unique characters in the game adds to the positive feel and creativity in the game, and certainly increased the enjoyment of my personal gameplay experience.

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