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    Jan 26th, 2008 at 01:56:49     -    Wii Sports (Wii)

    Game play
    My second session of game play was definitely a lot more than my first session. At this point I’ve got a really good grasp of how the controls work and I’ve actually become quite skilled in the game. As far as level design the games remained pretty much the same. The AI however became much more challenging. So much so when they gain a point I have to react in a loud manner. You see a trend in the certain the computer opponents. I noticed that certain characters tend to be better at the games than others and when you approach the professional level you almost expect certain characters to appear. As far as in game development goes there is nothing really noticeable except my increase in skill with the games. The game really got me immersed the second time around. I kinda had some emotional attachment to the results of the game towards the end. I really cared whether I won or lost.Wii boxing is probably my favorite game in this series. It really makes you feel like your a real boxer and you kinda have a reputation in the ring. When the game got so hard that I lost sometimes I even made pretend rivals with the AI opponents that have defeated me. To me this makes the victory so much sweeter when you own an opponent that you are familiar with.

    There is no question why Wii Sports is among the classic games of the relatively new Nintendo Wii. The game really calls to the attention of the player the Wiis potential as a console. Wii Sports integrates intuitive controls and simple yet elegant visuals to for a game the is really fun to play. It contains, to say the least, many innovative elements. I view it completely new way to play video games. The game play consist of your avatar (mii) playing a selection of sports games in a virtual world. Sometimes you play against the AI as seen in games like Wii tennis other times you just try to beat you personal score like in Wii bowling. The AI in this game is amazing. It really segways you into the game. It usually starts off extremely easy but after a few games it gradually get tougher to beat to the point that the game becomes really challenging. To keep the game interesting the game included a training mode and a fitness mode. Although this two are not part of the main game they are extremely fun to play because the introduce fun abstact challenges related to their in game counter part.
    There is not much you can say bad about this game. Some could argue that there is a lack of story line or progression but is a SPORTS game. The progression is seen in the advancement of your skills. If I had to complain about one thing it would be the controller input design. Once you get good at it you can trick the game to doing certain actions without actually doing a full range of motion. Masters at this can simply flick their Wii remotes and attain amazing in game results.

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    Jan 26th, 2008 at 01:56:06     -    Wii Sports (Wii)

    In Wii Sports you control a “mii” avatar where you play an array of sports games that emphasize the use of the innovative wii remote.The object of the game could be argued, one could say the object is to have fun the other objective could be to reach the level of professional on all the games. The game includes an in-game skill counter that measures your skill level which helps you determine you skill relative to the “professional” level.

    Game Play

    The second you pick up the game Wii Sports it truly seems like you holding on to a piece of future innovation. The game play is unlike any other console due to the fact of Nintendos’ innovation of the wii remote. Innovative game play mixed with simple yet attractive graphics make one feel like they are playing something different. Throughout the game you feel very exploratory but not towards the game but leaning more towards mastering the controls of the Wii remote. The game is extremely fun to play because it provides us with games that are familiar to us and it is played on a very intuitive level much like the real counterparts but easier to master.With very little short learning curve it is very easy just to pick this game up and enjoy it in a matter of seconds. The multiplayer brings to us a an exponential amount of fun. Although multiplayer doesn’t bring anything new to us its extremely fun to share the experience of the wii with other individuals.

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    Jan 13th, 2008 at 17:13:09     -    Fable: The Lost Chapters (XBX)

    Fable: Lost Chapters is a third-person RPG where in you play a young boy who wants to become a great hero. Whether you are a good guy or bad guy is up to your actions in the game. The game doesn't follow a linear path. Meaning to say you have many options. The goal of the game is to become a great hero by gaining experience and using that experience to level up your stats. There is a story line that your character follows very loosely but that story line could vary with the player.

    Game Play:
    The game had a very adventurous feel to it. The music helps established the mood the most. Fable has a very orchestrated sound tract that contributes to its genuinely epic feel. The game felt very free and unrestricted due to its non-linear game play. The in game areas also contributed to that freeness, With Fable's big expansive levels its hard to feel claustrophobic.
    Your character in the game doesn't really have an assigned persona. You are your own maker. Character customization is very in-depth in Fable. You choose the way you look, the way you act, and the way you fight. Your appearance is determined by a few things: Your character stats, your battle scars, and the hair styles you choose. The game includes a very unique and interesting gesture system that allows you to interact with NPC's in a new and deeper level compared to previous RPGs. With this, people react to you differently depending on how you've played the game. The fighting style is also very cool because it gives you an array of options. You have Melee, Archery and Magic. With this you can make you own customized way of fighting depending on which skills you invest in.
    For the most part Fable's story line remains fairly loose. One of Fable's selling points is that you don't have to follow a linear story. The story progresses as you do. Your actions directly affect the story line in the game. The game segways you into the game by telling a story of a boy that has everything taken away from him and from there his joins the heros guild to become a great hero. Whether your good or bad depends on your actions in the game. You keep on coming back to the hero's guild to obtain quests which you can accomplish in a number of ways some making you "good" others making you "evil".
    Overall i found the game Fable: Lost Chapters extremely fascinating to play. First i was drawn in by the games stunning visuals and awesome music. Then i came across that games fighting controls system. The fighting system is easy and simple to learn but it maintains a level complexity that makes it very interesting to play. Furthermore the expanse of options i have in the game keep me coming back for more.

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