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    Mar 5th, 2008 at 21:11:34     -    Burnout Paradise (360)

    Gameplay: One of the most appealing and exciting aspects of this game to me are the visual aspects. The graphics are amazing and even just watching the game is very appealing. The movements of the cars are insanely realistic, and when you crash or do a cool jump it sometimes slows down to slow motion and looks very realistic. Another very cool aspect of the game is when you discover some of the locked cars. It is fun to just go around the city and explore and see what you can find.

    There are many objectives to the game which make it very fun to play. One is to find various gates around the city where once you get in there are hidden jumps and shortcuts. Another is to crash through various billboards around the town. There are many ways of expanding the game and play mini-games which make the overall playing experience very enjoyable.

    Design: I really like the design of this game. I really like that the gameworld was very free and open and you could just do whatever you wanted throughout the city. I really liked the graphics and thought they looked very advanced. The motivation to keep playing this game however is kind of weak. It is pretty repetetive and I could see how you would have to play this game for a very long time to get really into it. For instance, you have to learn all of the little tricks and hidden challenges to really progress in the game.

    Overall, I really like that there are so many different challenges that are possible within the game. It keeps the game interesting and exciting to play. I also think that they chose a cool reward system behind the game. That is, by doing excessive jumps and tricks and so forth with your car, the reward is always a newer and cooler car which is a cool idea and a good motivation.

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    Mar 5th, 2008 at 20:49:55     -    Burnout Paradise (360)

    Summary: The goal of this game is to drive around the city and complete various challenges along the way. There are challenges that enable you to do everything from attain new and better vehicles, crash into as many things as possible, and uncover hidden treasures throughout the town.

    Gameplay: The gameplay of this game is very intense. The cars that you can drive are insanely fast which makes them rather difficult to control. Also because of having the ability to drive so fast, it is very easy to miss jumps and what not which help you advance to other challenges. I found it pretty difficult to control my car and not crash into something within 10 seconds. But as I continued to play I got increasingly more skilled at avoiding other objects.

    I really liked that the gameworld is very free and open. You are not restriced to going around one racetrack a million times, you can go anywhere and do anything you want. Another very cool aspect about this game is that you can compete with people online with the click of a button. There are many online challenges which increases what you can do within the game substantially, and you can also just attempt to destroy everyone in sight. Overall, I really enjoyed playing this game and can't wait to do it again.

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 22:53:13     -    Diddy Kong Racing (N64)

    Gameplay: During my second gameplay experience I felt a heightened sense of anticipation in playing the game. This time I knew the different courses and had better control over my player. Although I still was not completely comfortable with the controls. Multiple times I fell into the water and had extreme difficulty finding my way out. In another level I had great difficulty navigating through the course. I could not tell which way I was suppossed to go and kept going the wrong way. I also kept getting stuck in the lava.
    I still felt a very strong competetive edge between me and my opponents. I like the game very much in that aspect. I still think that most likely because it is a "classic" game it gets pretty boring pretty fast. I felt that the graphics were very good for the time that the game was created. But compared to games of today, the graphics are very dated. The dated graphics also attributed to my confusion in direction of the game.

    Design: I think that the overall design of the game is pretty good. Although, because of the extreme simplicity of the design of the game, it is too easy and causes it to be boring. I did not like the level design of this game. I hated the level witht the lava. I could not figure out which way to go and got very frustrated. The game makes use of space within the gameworld by making you go slower when you fall in the water and it slows you down when you run into something. I did not respond very strongly to the games reward structure. I didnt even notice when I would get extra points from the bananas or power boosts from the balloons. But the reward structure of getting first or last place was very good.

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 22:20:10     -    Diddy Kong Racing (N64)

    Summary: In diddy kong racing the player controls a character of their choice and races five other characters. Depending on the track you choose you can choose different vehicles to race in. If you hit a floating banana in the track you get more points. If you hit a floating balloon you get a power boost. You go around the track three times and the goal is to be the first to the finish line.

    Gameplay: My emotional state during the game was pretty tense. I had to focus very hard to keep my car on the track and to keep going the right direction. I got very frustrated when on certain levels it was very hard to determine which was the correct direction to stay on the right track but I usually managed to find my way. I thought that the game's progression was very limited considering it was a racing game, but I did enjoy playing it.
    While playing the game, I had intense social interactions with my peers. We got very involved in the game and our competetive edges were flaring. I wanted to win very badly and I had to put all of my attention on the game to have a chance at that. I liked the simplicity of the game it made it easy for a beginner to get hooked. I thought that the game had good flow but its extreme simplicity made it get boring rather quickly.

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