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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 02:22:07     -    Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (PS2)

    Gamelog entry #2:

    This second time playing Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, was a bit easier since I had already been trying to pass that one certain song for a long time. My friend decided to help me finish it by turning it to co-opt mode which was in some sort just making it so that the song couldn’t stop even if I sucked. While doing this, he decided to stop playing midway because even if I did hit every note after that, he was still going to end up with a higher score, so we decided to play that same song, in “battle mode.” Battle mode increased the intensity of the game and it began to get personal. Here, instead of getting star power we were giving a weapon to use against the opponent for a short term such as cutting a string, increasing a level, making the notes double and such.

    This worked for my advantage since I didn’t have to finish the song, all I had to do to win was make him mess up as much as possible and I would win. This became really competitive because even though he was better than me, I would still beat him. This made the game more interesting because now it was being played for bragging rights hence it became sort of addicting to play over and over again just to beat the other person more times, fulfilling Guitar Hero’s goal.

    What was original about this game from any other game that I had played before was the use of a guitar as a control even though it was very similar to a game I had played when I was younger which had a gun as a controller and the objective was to kill the flying birds by shooting at the screen. Both games were really addicting and interesting. The thing that made Guitar Hero III different from the other Guitar Hero’s is the graphics and the challenges. Although every Guitar Hero game allows the player to pick their challenges by selecting the level of difficulty, this game allowed the players to challenge each other with the new player mode that was added. Also, by allowing the player to download their selection of songs provided the player is customizing their game.

    The levels of this game seemed to be harder that those of previous games because of the speed that the notes were coming down. This was a well added feature because I had been playing Guitar Hero II on the easy level for quite some time and it was no longer challenging and I couldn’t move up to medium because my fingers weren’t long enough to press the fourth button hence it was practically physically impossible to play in that level. Guitar Hero III allows the player to customize the speed of the notes allowing the game to remain challenging even if it remains in the same level allowing the game to remain interesting.

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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 01:55:46     -    Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (PS2)

    Gamelog entry #1:

    In Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, the player controls a guitar. The guitar has five colored buttons and a strum bar which needs to be flicked at the same time as pressing one or more of the colored buttons when the corresponding note scrolls down the screen. The object of the game is to play all, if not the majority of notes in order to finish a complete song.


    This game of emergence doesn’t become irritating easily because it is easy to learn and easy to get the hang of, but hard to master as the difficulty levels progress. The first time I played Guitar Hero I started off playing with Guitar Hero II. It was very challenging knowing when to press the buttons, sometimes I would press to early, sometimes to late, and few times on time. The notes had to be hit on time in order for the points to count. If a player was doing well they had the chance to use “Star Power” which consisted for the player to tilt the guitar sideways and turn the notes blue making it more challenging for the player to know what colored key was needed to be pressed. When I played Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, I was highly impressed. Not only had the graphics gotten better but the songs on there were by the artists themselves. Another thing that was added were the bonus tracks, battle mode, and the notes seemed to move faster.

    When I played my first song, in easy mode, I couldn’t pass it because I felt the game had gotten faster. It took me a good while and more than ten tries to complete that song. My hand was beginning to hurt, and I was beginning to get frustrated. After taking a break I went back to try and complete the song, but no luck. The characters were really cool because unlike the other two Guitar Heroes, you could actually pick a player and a guitar to go along with it. I really didn’t not whether the players had different moves as they played or not. The only thing that I didn’t like about this was that you couldn’t really control them, they seemed to just be there for display. This game didn’t really have a story behind it, the only point was that you were a rock star and you were giving a concert so it was in your best interest to finish the song or you would get booed.

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    Feb 9th, 2008 at 02:12:49     -    Mortal Combat: Deception (PS2)

    Gamelog entry #2:
    The second time playing this game was harder on my part, but easier for my friend because he already knew what moves I was going to do with the certain character I picked. Nevertheless it was still fun to play the game because the competition between my friend and I was still there. This second time playing, I got to see more of the characters to test out each of their moves. Having done so made me like the game more because at first I stuck only to the girls but this time around I varied my characters more, and because of this I was able to test what characters were better than others.
    What was interesting about this game this time around was the different settings that the characters were put in. Also, I really didn’t like when one characters used their special move over and over and the other player could do nothing about it. This was a benefit when I was the one doing that but it wasn’t fun when it was being done to me. Because both me and my friend kept using our special move to disable the other person to do anything, the game got really irritating and pointless.

    This game, to me, was a lot like Street Fighter but the graphics were better done in this one. I liked the sound tracks that this game had. My favorite part of the sounds was the voice that said “so and so wins”. Another thing that was also interesting of this game was the settings where the two players are located. My favorite one was on the top of some type of mountain where the players could easily be thrown off the cliff and loose, at the bottom of the cliff there were also spikes where the players landed on and made their deaths so much cooler.
    In this game I didn’t see many different levels, the game was just played by rounds. Instead of levels I just saw challenges depending on the characters that were played with or against. After a while, the game can get boring because there are no levels and no difficulties, other than your opponent. Not being able to pick your setting has something to do with this as well because some settings are more challenging than others.

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    Feb 9th, 2008 at 00:30:19     -    Mortal Combat: Deception (PS2)

    Gamelog entry #1:

    In Mortal Combat: Deception, the player controls a character of their choice, i.e. Scorpion to fight either against the computer or a friend. The winner is determined after two rounds won. The object of the game is to beat your opponent by knocking them out.

    Playing Mortal Combat: Deception was really fun and interesting. Playing with my guy friend made this really fun because every time I won a battle I got to rub it in his face. I thought that the characters of this game were really interesting as well because each of them had their own look and their own moves. This came in handy for me since it was my first time in a long time playing because I got used to one character and I learned its key move hence it led me to many wins.
    I still am not sure of the storyline of the game, I just know that two characters are thrown into a scene to fight, sometimes on top of something so you can basically win by throwing the person overboard. Because I like simple games of emergence, this game was extremely fun for me because it was easy to learn but hard to master because of all the codes the special moves have. After mastering a move of one of the characters I won a lot of the battles which got my friend really irritated causing him to change partners very often. It was fun eating a guy who loves to play video games, but on his end, he became really irritated.

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