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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 02:17:17     -    Alien Hominid (PS2)

    I played this game on the Xbox 360 as an arcade game.


    Alien Hominid is about an alien who crashed land on Earth because the FBI shot it down. You are on a journey to get it back while fight tons of agents.


    You play as a little yellow alien that has a pretty small gun that takes on the FBI. Throughout the game, you are aided by these kids with power ups and they also take you from level to level from time to time. As the game progresses, you fight outrageous bosses like Robots that cry to sand mutant monsters. The art style of the game is hilarious. Your alien guy does a pelvic thrust if left not stand for a bit and the way the enemy get killed is really funny. The game is really cartoony and really adds to the gameplay.

    Playing the game was really a great experience. I played it with a buddy which made the game that much more better. We found ourselves constantly laughing. It got so bad that we had we had to keep pausing the game to catch our breath. Again, you fight funny enemies. The robots to monsters and from FBI agents to Soviet Russian agents. The game also have little moves that kill the agents in hilarious ways and really, the game was great.

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 02:47:03     -    Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES)

    The game the second time around was as entertaining and fun as the last. I got to fight in a few boss battles, so I was able to show off my awesome RPG skill. They make the boss battles very rewarding by showing that you won coins at the end of the battles, they just fountain out of the defeated enemy, kind of funny. I also learn new moves, which was gained by me leveling up my characters. I can now heal my party with rain. This means I can save more items, which is always a plus.
    The music is kind of getting to me though. At first it was fun and reminiscent but now it is becoming a bit repetitive. I blame the battle song; it doesn’t make me want to battle. I got my first start too. That was awesome, had to fight this sword thingy named Mack. He was trying to take over the Mushroom Castle, but I stopped it. That’s where I saved and stopped.

    Game Design
    I found myself taking a bit about the design in my first gamelog about the battle system and how they set up the Mario world in a RPG genre game. As I said, the game is turn based and as in any RPG, you gain levels. I think the creators of this game made a very interesting decision on what happens when you level up. Your attributes not only increase, you are able to choose to add an extra boost to either att/def, HP, or magic att/def. I really like this because it made me feel like I was involve in the creation and the growth of the characters. A really interest game design element I say. What was also cool about this game is that they keep some platform elements in the game. You solve little puzzles by going through a series of platforms and you can also jump on the enemies. Whether or not it changes the start of the battle has yet to be decided by me. I just like the idea of hurting them a bit before we get into battle. Oh, and the star power is still in the game! When I first got it, I felt invincible because I was! You can touch enemies and they are instantly defeated and you gain experience for the victory. However, with all these cool things making the game look good, there were a few things I didn’t like.

    The game doesn’t follow a random enemy encounter system as most RPGs have, which is not a bad thing. However, it gets a bit annoying when enemies keep coming at you and they don’t stop respawning. I like to defeat all the enemies if they are visible on the screen, but if they don’t stop respawning, it makes things a bit difficult. The music, also mentioned earlier, becomes tiresome and did change my mood. However, looking passed these minor annoyances, the game is really fun and does deserve to be in the classics list.

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 01:43:38     -    Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES)

    You play as Mario in this RPG adventure to save the Mushroom Kingdom from The Smithy Gang and not from Bowser. You travel around the Mario world with a party and battle enemies in a turn based style system.

    The game started pretty good for me, there was much humor and the story had this nice twist to right off the back. It was weird that a sword was even placed in a Mario game though. I just didn’t expect that to happen. The other thing I found weird was some of the characters and enemies that the game has. You see your classic Mario enemies like the Goombas, but then you run into K-9s and giant frogs that look intoxicated. You also get this tadpole friend that joins your party that looks like a large marshmallow with pants. Going past some of these unfamiliar characters the game itself was really fun.

    Though the game has the traditional turn-based battle system most RPGs have, it keeps it a bit more interactive by allowing the player to press the attack button before a character strikes to do more damage. This is actually a very essential part of the game. It was also very unique how they set up the Mario world to fit a RPG style game. For the usual MP or mana system that RPGs have, they use the Fire Flowers to power magic or special techniques which the whole party share, which makes the use of special move a bit more strategic. I really like how during battle, you get these little things, they look like some funky flower, that give you a special status effect like HP restore or the ability to attack again before the start of the next turn. Thought that was really fun. It was just really interesting how the people at Nintendo made the Mario world work for a genre that it was never been place to beforehand. Really fun and looking forward to the second run.

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    Feb 9th, 2008 at 02:53:25     -    Crackdown (360)


    The second time around, i still had the same fun i had the first time, maybe even more. The farther you get in the game, the more easier and harder it gets. You become way more stronger and one hit kills are common, but you get shot at really nasty. I was loving how i can pick up a car and smash the gang members with it. And the weapons you obtain make things interesting. The game allows you only to carry two weapons at one time, so you can develop a strategy. I just pick the weapon i had the most fun with. I liked messing around with the sniper rifle but the rocket launcher was always the best.

    Also, the high level of agility really made the game fun. It really gave you the superhero feel. It allows you to scale higher buildings and to jump rooftops and all that crazy stuff. You got to be careful though, if you fall from too of a high place, you do get hurt. It depends on how high your agility. All in all, it is a pretty fun game to play around with.


    The game had some pretty interest gameplay elements. There was a clear relationship between the leveling system and the reward system. As i stated earlier, when you kill an enemy in a certain way, that particular skill increases. When you finally increase a level in a particular skill, you deal much more damage and become more effective in destroying your enemies. The agility was the only stat you had to increase differently that every other, but it made the game that more entertaining. To increase your agility, you had to climb building or large structure and collect these orb thingy that increased its level. At first its hard and tedious, later on, it just becomes ridiculously fun.

    This is what made the game for me, everything else i found pretty standard. In the game, you start of with some basic weapons like grenades, a pistol and a assault rifle. You increase your inventory of weapons by returning the weapons found in the city from the gang members. Driving in the game is also pretty standard, running over enemies is still pretty fun though, since the game has rag-doll physics. The art style add this crazy abstract feel to it. It feels cartoonist and realistic on the same style. A very surreal feel. Now that i think about it, if it wasn't for the leveling up and reward system, this game would have pretty average. Still a very fun game though.

    To get the

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