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    Mar 5th, 2008 at 16:03:06     -    Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction (PC)


    This game was very fun to play because it simply was very easy to play. All the mobs and monsters were really easy to kill, the quest weren’t too hard, you leveled really fast, and there was a lot of cool content to be seen in every level.

    One thing that was really interesting in this game was that, each boss had different techniques and some bosses were very hard. Also sometimes there would be random special mobs that spawned random skills and techniques. For example there are some mobs called the High Council. Each game they are different and they can have some really weird abilities. Sometimes they can shoot out lighting, sometimes they are lighting immune, and sometimes when you hit them you get slowed for about 3 seconds. Another thing is that the mobs sometimes spawn with funny names, or names that don’t really relate to the game.
    I experienced a lot of flow when playing this game because this game has very smooth scene transitions. Since there are a lot of cut scenes, you get a lot of feel for the game and it just flows when you play. After you beat a boss there is cinematic where you see your party getting the last blow on the boss. Once you finish him, there is another cinematic where you progress to the next act, and you see the next bosses that you have to kill.


    If I could change one thing about this game, I would want to add more content to this game. You finish the first couple acts pretty quick if you have a decent party. Also another thing that I want to change is that when you beat the game on hell difficulty I’d want to be able to access the easier difficulty modes. For instance when people create nightmare games, I want to be able to join them or see them. Other than that I really like this game and I wouldn’t really change much. Although the game does end pretty quickly, it takes a long time to get your character geared out with the best gear. Even with a lot of play time you might not even be able to get the items you want, because all the drops are random, unless you either buy or trade it.

    The reward structure for this game comes purely from random drops and from bosses, most of the time though they are from bosses. This game rewards you when you kill a boss, so the more times you kill the boss, the better your chance of getting the items you want. So basically you are being rewarded for your time. The more time you spend farming a boss the better your chance of getting the items. I remember when I played this game, I would spend two to three hours farming a boss called Mephisto, and I remember never getting good items, and then one day I killed a random rare spawn and I got a unique item.

    This game is social game because you need to party in order to complete some parts of the game. It is not recommended to party, but partying definitely makes it a lot easier, also you get more experience in a party, because you kill stuff a lot faster. Also there is a lot of communication involved during boss fights to tell people to kill which mobs first or who the real monster is, if there is a clone.

    Overall I think Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction is a very good game, I recommend it to anyone that likes playing a simple RPG.

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    Mar 5th, 2008 at 15:42:17     -    Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction (PC)


    The game I demoed was Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction. It is the expansion of the regular Diablo 2. In this game you pick your class (Barbarian, Amazon, Paladin, Sorceress, Necromancer, Druid, and Assassin), once you picked your class you start in Act 1 on normal difficulty. You can fight through the game and complete the quest either by yourself or with a party. There are bosses here and there and there are 5 main bosses that you kill. Once you have defeated the last boss Baal, then you can progress to the next difficulty which is nightmare and then hell. When you finish the game difficulty on Hell, you can continue to join Hell games and farm other items and run bosses.
    As you continue to play the game you gain experience and level up, the more you play the more experience you get. When you level up you get new skills and talents, as well as being allowed to use better items.


    I thought the characters in this game are all really fun. They each have their own special talents and builds. Some builds work better than other, but the good thing about this game is that all builds will allow you to get through the game by yourself. So let’s say I picked a Sorceress, I could either go pure lighting, fire, or ice. Or I could try to go both fire and ice. Also each skill tree gives you different abilities that are really cool and unique to the character.

    When I was playing this game I was really excited because it was easy to learn. Compared to most RPG’s, they get pretty complicated but D2 was really easy to learn. Another thing I liked about it was that you don’t die very much. You can always pop potions and survive off potions. They are also very cheap and you can buy them anywhere. I like this because, one of the most frustrating thins about a new game is that if you constantly die, you get sort of annoyed with the game, and then you don’t really want to play it.

    When I first started playing Diablo 2, I really liked their story because it was unique and easy to understand. It wasn’t super complicated and long, it was a short story that got straight to the point. Also there are a lot of cut scenes in the movie after each boss battle. So you could see like sort of an embedded narrative in the game. This made the game easy to understand, and you knew why you were playing this class and etc.

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 15:50:45     -    Wii Sports (Wii)


    The game Wii sports has a lot of flow because you get to play better opponents as you rank up. This gives the player a challenge although the CPU isn't that great until you get to the pro stages, but even then they aren't that good. I like how the game sort of challenges yourself because when your playing bowling if you skill is really high and you play poorly then your skill goes down. This makes you constantly try hard when your bowling because if you don't you skill will go down.

    Sometimes playing this game will get very frustrating because sometimes your Wii remote isn't as sensitive as you thought it would be or when you swing it wouldn't register and you would miss. So this game could be good and bad at the same time. Most of the time though you will be pretty happy because your Remote will register . But there are times where you just mess up and you can get really frustrated especially when it is a really close game and you lose due to the fact that your remote had an error.

    This game is very social especially if your playing with your friends. You can play with up to 4 people and each game is super fun to play. One of my favorites is 4 player tennis because you a lot of communication is involved if the person in front misses the ball. Overall Wii sports is a very social and fun game to play, although there are times were you could get really frustrated playing it.


    This game keeps the player interested because the better you get the harder the challenges or the levels become. Also if you skill up each time you do good and you can skill down each time you do bad. So if you wanted to be a pro you have to constantly perform good or else you will drop.

    I wouldn't change anything about the game because i think Wii Sports is really well designed. If anything i would want to add more games to it and make them have more levels. After a certain point you sort of run out of things to do, for instance Golf. In golf after 9 holes there are no more courses or holes. Although the wind changes every game after a while the wind is the same as the first time you played. The game needs more variety and more sports. This would make this game a really good, but since this game was free and it came with the console its okay.

    I really like the reward structure of the game because when you win you rank up and when you reach a skill of 1000 points you get pro items and stuff. For instance if you get 1000 points in bowling, your bowling ball is all shiny and has stars on it while if you weren't a pro it would just be a plain old bowling ball.

    The designers of Wii sports invented something new and fun for everyone. This game can be played by anyone and even parents love this game. Another thing i love about it, is that it is sort of a workout. If you are actually trying and playing the game like a real sport you get a pretty good workout.

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 15:34:09     -    Wii Sports (Wii)


    The game Wii Sports is something that was totally new for console games. Wii Sports is an interactive game where you use your Wii Remote and Nunchuck to do real life motions to play the game. There are multiple sports to choose from which include: Bowling, Tennis, Boxing, Baseball, and Golf. If you were too choose to play Bowling, you could pick how many people you wanted to play and then you would just play. You would hold down the buttons like you were holding a bowling ball and then when you think you need to release the buttons you would. There isn't really a goal to this game except to get good at it and master it. Although if you really wanted a goal, one goal could be to be a pro at or have a skill rating of 1000 or above.


    I thought the characters in this game were really cool and it was something new. I really liked it because you could make your own character or Mii. When you make your character you can design them to your specific specifications. Although making characters is not part of the game, it is part of the console. Also when you create your own character you can upload it to the Wii Sports game and play the sports using your own character.

    The gameplay of Wii Sports is very addicting. It is addicting because you feel like your actually playing the game. You are controlling the character with your own movements and each swing of the Wii remotes counts as a swing for your Mii. Since there are so many games like baseball and gold you can constantly play and you will never get bored of the games. Also if you do ever get bored of playing just the games, you could play with your friends instead of playing the computer. If your friends are busy then you could play the fitness training which keeps your scores over a long period of time and it shows if your improving or not. Also there are challenges where you can try to see if you mastered a sport.

    Some challenges include the bowling challenges where you bowl and each time you bowl more pins appear. So lets say the first frame is 10 pins the 2nd frame is 20 and so forth until its 99 pins. Another type of challenge that you can do are the Tennis challenges where you practice aiming your shots and etc.

    Overall Wii Sports has a very good game play and is definitely fun to play. If you are an owner of a Wii then it is default that you have it and very worth it to play.

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