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    Mar 5th, 2008 at 21:46:37     -    Babyz (PC)

    After playing this game for another hour, I found myself growing bored of it, until my baby started to learn to walk. It was an exciting moment, as if a parent was seeing his or her child walk for the first time. This game makes you think you’re a parent. The game isn’t difficult to play at all. It’s very simple, since you are just a pair of hands multitasking is a bit hard to do when you’re caring a child; one quick and swift movement of the mouse can delay your efforts into whatever you are trying to do in the game.

    It’s a bit frustrating trying to care for three children at once. I’ve sent a good majority to “Grandma’s”, and I am a little sorry to say but I played mostly with the baby that I liked most. The game does loses its momentum once you’ve realized that you baby can’t do much else once it’s already learned to walk and talk. Caring for these babyz has made me very worried about my sanity.

    The design elements of this game were simple enough. Each room was designed as a part of a house; there was the bathroom, nursery, kitchen, playroom, living room, and even a backyard. The game is interesting in the beginning and it maintains to a certain degree of the players interest and then the game surprised you when you’re baby is given the chicken pox or has the flu, you have to help the baby get better, it’s a great way to keep the player’s interested, but soon after the players will become bored because there is nothing left to do.

    The game doesn’t offer anything more than just what it is. It offers the player an opportunity to play parents for a short while. This game does not help to foster social interactions, it’ll only spark the curious interest of bystanders but that’s as far as interactions go. This game offered me no ideas for my game. There was nothing to gain from this game.

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    Mar 5th, 2008 at 20:49:26     -    Babyz (PC)

    Babyz: Your Virtual Bundle of Joy(1999). In Babyz, your main controller is your mouse! Without the mouse there isn’t much you can do. On the screen you are a pair of hands that take care of the babyz. In this game you adopt a baby from either the adoption site provided in the game or online. After adopting a baby you have to care for it as you would a real baby meaning feed, bath, change diapers, and etc. The object of the game is to raise your baby from when you first got it until the baby can walk and talk. But the babies never grow any older leaving the game open ended. You can download multiple children, but can only keep three in the house; the rest have to be sent to “Grandma’s” . If you have a microphone you can talk to the babyz.

    This game is interesting. It’s a single player game and doesn’t require much thought. Its repetitive tasks done over and over as the days in the game pass by. The Babyz themselves have a cartoonish feel that allows the player to keep in mind that these “babies” aren’t real.

    I’ve played far enough into the game where the babyz have learned how to feed themselves. But if you leave the babyz out by themselves they can wreak havoc ; such as throwing food against the walls (which you’ll have to clean as well) and throwing clothes around the room (which you will have to put away). And I found that like real children, these babyz copy what their mother (the hands) does and that’s how they learn to play the instrument provided in the game.

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 23:47:36     -    Wii Sports (Wii)

    My second round of playing Wii Sports I still found myself consumed with the game.
    The game has lots of flow, as your ranking goes up the more challenging the game becomes as the opponents offer a greater challenge. The sports in Wii Sports are fun to play; I found it especially fun because it challenges you, it tests your skills, because after playing these games for however long you’re bound to have gained some skills. As in the tennis part of the game the higher your skill level is the larger the crowd is.

    The game, as I stated before, is fun to play with more than just one person; playing with multiple players make it worth while. This game is one that involves social interaction, rather than just playing it on your own others should join in on the fun. Multiple players make the game much more interesting, because you aren’t playing a computer.

    Aside from my pleasantries of the game, I also found that I was at times very frustrated with the remote. My frustration was due to whether or not the remote was registered after having made my move (i.e. swing) causing a miss. But for the most part the remote did register, it’s just those certain parts of the games were it’s a close game and you’ve lost because the move wasn’t registered.

    Wii Sports has a great level design, because your skill has control of your level. If you do well then you’re skill point goes up, but if you do poorly your skill point goes down, which is fair. Another great aspect of Wii Sports is the award structure, being awarded after gaining a certain number of skill points, such as “pro level” and other things that come with it, like another feature to add to your Mii.

    The game helps exhibit social interaction because no matter what mode you’re playing if there’s someone around you, you are going to get some sort of reaction whether it’s friendly badgering or cheering from someone watching.

    The challenges the game provides is keeping your skill points and gaining more. The game tests your skills, and every skill level high you are the harder the opponents you play become creating a challenge for you to overcome.

    I think that since the sports are real sports, that people play and have seen everyday, is the reason that keeps the players interested. And because these sports are like real sports everyone will want to see if they are as good in the game as they are in real life.

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 18:12:30     -    Wii Sports (Wii)

    Wii Sports was first released November 16, 2006. It is a collection of five sport simulations; which are tennis, bowling, baseball, golf, and boxing. These sports can be played with multiplayer or it can be played by a single player. The players will use the Wii Remote to perform the actions necessary to play the game, such as swinging the tennis racket in order to hit the ball in the game, the player with have to swing the remote so the avatars mimic the same motion. The game keeps track of the player’s skill points; after enough points are earned a player is awarded “pro level” along with a cosmetic feature for their Mii. The game also features a fitness test that calculates a player’s fitness age.

    I haven’t had the pleasure of playing the Wii since it came out, until this assignment. My attempt at playing Wii sports was a good one. I had never played any of the sport games on it before. The sport I tried to play was tennis. I was in awe of how the console itself worked. I enjoyed playing this game, as many already know, that the game requires you to stand and be physical active in the game for the best results.

    This game was fun to play, there’s a lot of interactions when playing with multiple players. I think I got so consumed with this game, I forgot how frustrated I was just trying to hit the ball back. My first few matches were a failure. I thought the characters were cute, the Mii’s are in my opinion adorable especially since you can create them and add any characteristic you want to them.

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