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    Feb 8th, 2008 at 21:33:50     -    Turbo Sub (PC)

    Resuming play for Turbo Sub, I found it to be exactly the same as when I started playing. Though the game offers a few more challenges than Turbo Pizza, Turbo Sub is as simplistic as ever. Continuing play I found that I had lsot some interest because of the similar qualities it had to Turbo Pizza, and the repetitiveness of the game.

    This game lost it's "edge" for me. I found that I didn't want to continue playing the game, but I had to just so I could write this. :) But I would recommend playing this game to anyone who has not played Turbo Pizza prior to Turbo Subs.

    The design of this game is simple; 2-D Graphics. The challenges presented need for the player to have a quick eye to becable to cater to the customers and try to multi task to appease the customers and be quick to obtain the money before the thief gets to it. The levels of this game get a little more challenging for every level you pass, the challenging part being the customers come at you more than one at a time.

    This game does not help in interactions with other players, as it is a one player. The game also does not allow for social interactions among those watching the player play the game; the player becomes to consumed in the game aware that he/she maybe robbed. This game offered me no ideas for the game I'm creating.

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    Feb 8th, 2008 at 20:38:36     -    Turbo Sub (PC)

    Turbo Sub is the sequel to the game Turbo Pizza; instead of making pizzas you make subs. The game has the same characters as the predecessor, Turbo Pizza, it follows Rebecca and Robert on another type of restaurant built on making subs. The game has 60 levels, which are split into 3 different areas of New York; 20 levels for each area. In this game we have to watch out for thieves that come along the way and steal your money making it harder to multitask in the game; and as in Turbo Pizza, we also need to cater to every customers need to reach the money set for the day.

    Playing the game I felt like it was simple, up until the point when a thief came and stole money left on the counter. After this encounter I realized that instead of leaving the money there, as I had in Turbo Pizza, I should take it before anyone can still it. As I stated above multitasking in the game became harder especially if someone was going to steal money. My first encounter was the thief I felt angry.

    As I continued playing the game quickly reverted back the simplistic feel I had of it before. Turbo Sub is an interesting game to play and much more challenging than Turbo Pizza. I stayed pretty calm after my encounter with thieves and made sure to collect all my money before they could get to it. But all in all Turbo Sub was fun to play.

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    Jan 25th, 2008 at 22:45:07     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    Playing this game the second time around, I found myself much more competitive. I wanted/needed to beat whoever I was playing. I felt hostile if I lost a life and continued to play like that until I won. I did find that one of my favorite characters to use in this game is Pikachu.

    I'm not sure if there was an actual progression in the game, but playing this game in multi-player mode was much more fun and interactive. Even for those who weren't playing the game, they still cheered on whoever they wanted to win.

    I must say, that I didn't care too much about unlocking other characters after I had played some rounds in the multi-player mode. After that I wanted to see how it would be to play as other characters, which is when I started to play single player mode to unlock the characters.

    The design elements that make this game challenging is it's platform, falling off and loosing a life can lead to a disadvantage, sudden outburst of anger, which may leave you vulnerable to another attack. I think the game kept me interested because of it's competitive nature. I thought the design elements were great, each arena was made specifically from the characters origins.The level of game design is brilliant, because beating the levels will unlock another character that can be played.

    From this game, I got the idea to perhaps put in a platform arena that the character in my game will face. If the character in game falls off and looses his life then he'll have to return to the start. Or to setup some sort of levels he will have to defeat to unlock something useful in his quest.

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    Jan 25th, 2008 at 18:47:02     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    The object of this game is to knock the opponent of the platform,each platform hangs in the middle of nowhere, and you must knock all the other characters off the level to win. There are eight characters to choose from initially, and four more hidden characters to unlock.Super Smash Brothers can either be a one player or multi-player game.

    This game is a lot of fun to play. I thought the characters stayed true to there forms from their original games (weapons, armory, powers, etc). At the beginning of this game I started off a bit agitated because I couldn't figure out which buttons did certain actions for my character. Struggling to figure out which button does what before I got knocked off the platform was a little stressful, but as the battle continued I found it easier to play and knock off my opponents to win this games.

    Social interactions with other players is competitive because in the multi-player mode you're all competing to win. You can set a time limit and the number lives each player has in the game. I thought this game was very interesting to play and bring people, it's very enjoyable. And the game keeps your interest because of the different settings/platforms and the option of choosing a different character to play.

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