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    Jan 14th, 2008 at 02:01:08     -    Turbo Pizza (PC)

    After playing Turbo Pizza the second time around and advancing levels, I found myself pleased to be able to open a new pizzeria in the game. With the new pizzeria comes new customers from the ocean floor, the customers come very quickly it's quite is to over look some of the customers and loose points. But with the quick speed the customers are coming in at it's easy to regain those points lost.

    Since this game is played on a PC it is recommended that you USE A MOUSE! Playing this game on my laptop has been difficult; I failed level 26 about 5 times before I could pass it. Playing this game without a mouse will make you angrier than you should be.I haven't finished the game yet, but it's pretty quick to get through the levels, which there are 50 of; I'm on level 48.

    The design of this game is pretty simplistic with its 2-D figures. Playing this game I've realized the conflict that it brings upon the player in which clicking on the item requested by the customers of the game don't always go exactly as how one plans, rushing for time a player may click on an item too soon and end up having to recycle it and remake it again for another customer. it's fairly easy to get distracted by other things going on in the kitchen of the game.

    What keeps this game interesting is that it's a challenge. It's something that a person knows they can accomplish if they keep trying. And as the customers appear out of nowhere it gives you more of a challenge to serve the needs of them all at once. In doing so you can earn more points. These designs might contribute to my game project; such as multitasking will reward the player with more points.

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    Jan 13th, 2008 at 19:16:50     -    Turbo Pizza (PC)

    In Turbo Pizza that player controls a young female character who decides to open a pizza shop with her father in an abandoned castle. The player must complete the orders given to her by highly emotional customers in a limited amount of time. Finishing the orders will allow the player to buy items to decorate the shop with as well as buy products to enhance the shop.

    I started this game a few minutes after I woke up, after playing this I was obviously more awake eager to serve as many customers as I could in the game before the time was up. It was like a necessity to serve well in order to buy upgraded version for whatever needed to be upgrade (i.e. ovens, refrigerators, popcorn machine, etc).

    At the beginning of this game, like many other games that start off at level one, it’s easy. But as the continues on you’ll soon find yourself bombarded with customers that slowly then surely become impatient and angry customers that leave after making their order; which is awful if you’ve experienced them leaving right when you are going to give them their order. You will find yourself a little enraged by this, or at least I did, but only to a certain point; their actions can be easily blown off anyway. As long as you made money and reach the goal set for that level it was a whole new slate for the next level.

    Turbo Pizza is a great game to pass the time with when you’re by yourself and it’s an interesting play, especially after accomplishing ever level to see how much money you’ve made and what you can buy with it. The game is simplistic enough to understand. The only thing is you’re competing with time to keep the pizzeria’s ratings high, because when the customer is happy everyone is happy. ^^;

    This entry has been edited 1 time. It was last edited on Jan 13th, 2008 at 19:22:52.

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