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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 01:53:58     -    Super Mario World (SNES)


    Alright after returning to play Super Mario World for the second time my progress through the game has come to a sudden halt. I am currently stuck at a level called Ludwig's Caslt I feel that if you are not able to complete the level infront of you the game becomes rahter boring pretty quickly. Becuase there is no point in going back and playing previously levels unless it is to go and earn additional lives and the only way to keep this game fun is to keep progressing through it.

    I find this game to more fun if played with a buddy. We get to make fun of each other when our characters die and we both get chance to clear the levels, so there is a sense of team work involved but like I said it turns out that both of us are not that good at this game as we both are incapable of beating this level, Ludwig's Castle, which is really frustrating because I have exhausted my patience with trying to clear this level, but I still want to keep playing and rescue princess peach.


    I like how the levels are designed in Super Mario World. Alot of the levels are similar but never alike. I realized so far they have been using a select number of backgrounds and just have been cycling through them. In each level you maybe face similar enemy units (goombas, koopas, red koopas etc.) but never in the same order or location. This allows the player to stay interested in the game. Because although the levels may appear the same, but when it comes to how to beat the level it is absolutley different.

    One thing that I found really frustrating about this game and I have mentioned it before in the gameplay section, is how there is no freedom in this game. For each level you have to keep moving towards the giant goal posts inorder to complete the level and move on in the game (no exceptions). And if you dont, the game just stops, there are no more levels, no more new challenges, no more fun! I know that is just how platform games work, but if I could I would make it so that there is always multiple paths of levels you can choose to lead that will lead you to Bowsers Castle. I dont know maybe there is later on in the game but for rite now there is only path I can undertake and im stuck.

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    Feb 20th, 2008 at 23:26:54     -    Super Mario World (SNES)

    Game Entry #4


    Super Mario World is another classic platform like its ancestors Super Mario 1,2,3. In this version your goal is to get through numerous levels in order to defeat the nortorius bowser and save princess peach.


    I am very happy to be able to play this game again, Super mario World is one of my favorite games of all time. I remember playing this game with my brother and two sisters when I was very young and just had the best time doing so. And when my SNES broke 6 years ago I was just devastated, but now with fortune on my side I am able to relive my childhood memories.

    Super Mario World was exactly how I remebered it is a simple but not easy
    platform game where I basically run and jump from the beginning of the level to the end. I love getting these power ups (fireball, feather, Mushrooms) my favorite is the feather because it allows me to glide through levels while leaving all the nasty koopa troopa, goombas, pirhana plants etc.. which makes the levels so much easier.

    I like how even you are able to revisit levels you have beaten before. I personally try and use this to my advantage by revisiting easy levels I have beaten before and locating the 1 up mushrooms and just stock up on them, so I would well prepared for more diffult levels ahead.

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    Feb 9th, 2008 at 02:18:12     -    Dynasty Warriors 4 (XBX)


    As I continue playing this game my previous entusiasm for this game starts to dwindle a bit. Although the game does allow you to play as different generals from different kingdoms and for each kingdom there is their own line of battles, but in the end it does start to feel kind of repetitive. Im sure it will become fun again if I take like a one or two day break from it, but ya I can not sit here and play this game for more than three hours at a time.

    I did like how I was able to upgrade my character weapons, life, attack, and defense through experience points earned through battles. Also how I was able to equip my character with items I have found through out different levels. I think this gives the player a little freedom as to how he/she wants the characters progress.


    I know before I said how cool that the game provided a some historical briefing before the start of each battle and how the player can use this to learn some history aswell to having a boat load of fun. Well towards the end of the story mode for the Su kingdom I realized my character Guan Yu who is suppose to have died in battle already showed up in the last battle and the historical briefing before the battle incorporated my character and said how ready he was to finally end this long war. I know its only a game but it can be quite confusing to someone who do not know the true story and take the game version as what really happened

    This game will always be on my top ten list but howerver there is one aspect of this game design which at first was just a little nuisance but towards the end when the enemy count started stock piling became real pain in the neck. Im talking about the camera angle in this game. They have the angle fixated at one angle even when you turn and get knocked around. I found this as an extreme annoyance because when I would play a level on hard where there is up to 1000+ enemy soldiers and I would find myself surrounded by enemies, this is where I need the camera angle to move when I move so I can see the enemies behind me and not get constantly snuck up on and killed from behind.

    As for level design I would give this game a 10/10. Each level is uniquely designed as realisticly as Xbox can provide. Apart from the realism the levels most levels even have hidden secrets. For example if you kill specific generals in a certain order you will trigger a special event which if you complete the event you can get an rare item which can really boost your characters power.

    For anyone who likes a good button smashing game with some elements of strategy this would be great choice for you.

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    Feb 9th, 2008 at 00:23:27     -    Dynasty Warriors 4 (XBX)

    Game Entry #3


    For this entry I played Dynasty Warrior 4, I have played its predecessor Dynasty Warrior 3 a long time ago when I was in middle school. Anyways DW4 is an action game that is some what based on ancient china history specifically the three kingdom.


    I began my first battle as Guan Yu, a highly respected general for the Su kingdom for his loyalty and skill. At first I found it uncomfortable as to why there were no tutorial phase to teach you how to play, but then I quickly remembered why after like a minute of playing. The reason being is because DW4 has a real simple gameplay basically for Xbox you use the X,Y or B button to perform attacks and the using the the left joystick to move around. Now using these buttons you try and fight your way through massive amount of enemy, you basically slash, stab, and hack your way through hundreds of enemy soldiers.

    I like how in the game before each battle the game provides a little summary of whats going and why you are fighting this battle. I believe that this allows fot the player to understand more to why he/she is fighting and who he/she is fighting for, thus further bringing the player within the magic circle.

    I found this game so far very interesting to play. I know the concept of the game is very simple, but for some reason killing hundreds of enemy soldiers and enemy generals just never gets old for me. It might be because that I have actually studied this part of china's history so that being able to be some of my childhood idles and being able to dictate their movement and the outcome of famous battles has me one hundred percent fallen in love with this game.

    This entry has been edited 1 time. It was last edited on Feb 9th, 2008 at 00:27:55.

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