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    Mar 6th, 2008 at 02:46:48     -    Harvest Moon 64 (N64)

    Game Play: I continued playing harvest moon for several more hours. The game play has been about the same. My farm is just becoming more developed. The game seems like it should be getting boring and I would not want to continue but for some reason I want to keep playing. I think the reason I enjoy the game is because I strive to have a very productive and awesome farm.

    One thing I really like in the game is the horse and dog race. I enjoy taking care of my dog and horse so that they will win the races. This game may sound really lame but it entertained me for hours and I look forward to playing more.

    Game Design: I liked some of the designs of the game. The graphics weren’t good but I don’t really care. I thought the cartoony graphics were cute. I usually like games with animeish cartoony graphics. I also really like the way the animals look. They are absolutely adorable. I thought the controls were good. The game word is incredibly small, and I did not like the fact I can’t ride the horse out of the farm.

    One thing I absolutely hated about the game was the sound and the music. The music is annoying to begin with and when it plays the same music non-stop for several hours it drives me crazy. Also I did not like the beeping sound it makes when a person is talking. When a person talks there is a dialog box at the bottom of the page and for every letter that appears on the screen it makes a beeping noise. So when a person talks there is a massive amount of beeping. Just after an hour or two of playing I decided to turn off the sound because it was so annoying.

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    Mar 5th, 2008 at 23:22:03     -    Harvest Moon 64 (N64)

    Summary: Harvest Moon seems to be an RPG. The goal of the game is to have a successful farm, successful family, and have as many friends as possible in four game years.

    Game Play: Harvest Moon is very different from most games I have played. This game has absolutely no violence or enemies of any kind. All the play really does in the game is talk to people, grow crops, and raise animals. This may seem boring but I found the game to be a lot of fun. I am really not sure what draws me to this game. It might be the fact that I can raise and take care of all my animals. I like how I can name all the animals after my friends. This adds a bit of a personal touch to the game.

    I also found it fun to give things to the characters in the game, making them my friend. In the game the player can only play as a boy and they have the option of marring five different girls. Even though I’m a girl, I found it fun to make friends with all of them then decide which one I want to marry. One thing I found slightly offensive was the fact that the player cannot get married till they have kitchen built, but I don’t really care; I find it kind of funny.

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 02:03:25     -    Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

    Game Play: I continued playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for a few more hours. I still find this game very enjoyable and interesting to play. One thing I really liked was how each dungeon had a new weapon you receive while inside. The weapon would then be used to defeat certain enemies or hit certain objects. The new weapon is also very important in the final boss battle, making each boss and boss battle unique. This makes the game fun and interesting instead boring and repetitive when it comes to the type of enemies and the way they are defeated. I also like how the dungeons are puzzle like. Instead of just defeating enemies and running from the beginning to the end, Ocarina of time has puzzles that make the dungeons more of a challenge and exciting. I think the puzzles are not impossible but also not too easy, making them just perfect.

    I think Link is an awesome character but he still doesn’t have any distinct characteristics. His actions are completely controlled by the player and he never talks. He can only respond to questions and usually they can only be answered one way. That is one thing I do not like about this game. I wish Link had more of a personality. All the different races in the game are all fun and interesting. My favorite race is the Gorons. They are the rock people and I think they are adorable especially when the curl up into little balls. The point I got to in my game play is when like becomes an adult. I am excited because I just rescued the horse Epona which makes me happy because I love horses, so it’s fun to ride her around. I think the game is going to get more exciting from here, and I am looking forward to continuing.

    Game Design: Even though this game came out in the 90’s I still think the graphics are fairly decent. I really like the anime style of the characters. It makes them all really cute which gets my attention. I also like how colorful everything is in the game, whether it be the characters or the background. I like the puzzles in the game because they are challenging enough and not too hard. This keeps me interested because I feel like I have to think and work problems out but it’s not impossible to where I give up, so I feel very accomplished when I’m done.

    I like Ocarina of Time’s leveling system. I never really have to worry if I am capable of defeating an enemy or not. Defeating enemies is based on the player’s skill at playing the game more than anything else. After each boss battle Link receives another heart giving him more health and that is the main way the leveling system works. I also really like the game’s controls. I like how I can look around corners by pressing the R button or the L button. This makes it possible for me to look around corners for enemies so I don’t get attacked blindly. I also like the Z-targeting. This makes it so when I attack I don’t have to try to aim. I just hold down Z, and Link will automatically target the enemy so I only have to press the attack button without worrying if ‘m successfully attacking the enemy or not. Z-target is my favorite aspect of the controls.

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    Feb 19th, 2008 at 19:30:17     -    Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

    Summary: Ocarina of Time is an RPG game with puzzle like qualities. In the first half the main goal of the game is to collect the three jewels and keep them for Ganondorf. The goal in the second part of the game is to go to all the temple and collect all seven medallions in order to stop Ganondorf.

    Game Play: I found this game very fun and interesting to play. I really like the cartoon style of the characters; I thought that they were cute and they made me happy. One thing I liked about the story in the game was that it was given immediately unlike other games where it takes several hours, by which point I might have already lost interest. I also really like the fighting style in the game. The best part of the fighting is using the z-target. I am not very good at video games but the z-target made the game much easier for me to play. I like how Link uses his main sword but he also gets a new weapon in every dungeon which can be used normally or only on specific objects or enemies. The use of multiple weapons for different types of enemies makes the fighting in the game much more interesting, and it make it more challenging because I have to think about what to do and what to use.

    The main character is Link. I do not have much of an opinion on him. He never talks and only responds to the other characters how I want. The Kokiri children are really cute but slightly annoying. I did not care much for the Deku tree but I felt a little sad when he died. My lest favorite character so far is the owl. I think everything about him is annoying even though he is necessary to explain what to do at certain points in the game. I got to the point were I met princess Zelda and I think she is absolutely adorable. So far she is my favorit character.

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