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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 00:04:47     -    Mario Party (N64)

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    Feb 7th, 2008 at 14:21:32     -    Mario Party (N64)

    Game Play
    This time we played we chose the dragon level. You must climb to the top of the mountain to get stars and the price of the stars changes when each one is bought. The strategy is to get up the mountain the most times but also to hae enough money for the star when you get to the top. This was a very competative game because a lot of the times that you reach the top you dont even have enough coins to buy a star. In this case they send you all the way to the bottom and you must climb to the top again before you can try to buy one.
    The mini-games are a way bigger deal on this level than most of the others. The amount of coins going around is significantly less. TO get 40 coins for when the stars are most expensive can take a while winning mini-games. If you do not win mini-games you have to try and strategize how to steal other peoples coins. You can do his by buying orbs or fighting in duel games. If you are in a duel game, you are matched up against one person and you can fight them, and whoever wins gets to steal coins or stars form the other player. This really is what ends up deciding the game. People get only one or two stars on this level so everything can change if they spin the wheel and gain a star.
    Everyone likes mulitplayer mini-games because it gives you an extra chance to gain more coins than all of your opponents. It is hard when it is a duel mini-game because some people we play with are way better than others making it hard to win the game and avoid being stolen from.

    MY favorite thing about this game is that each level you need to have a new strategy. This level is all about saving your coins so that when you get to the top you don't have to get sent down to the bottom empty handed. The design of this game is good because there are matters of skill and luck so there is always a chance for anyone to win. They sometime will give advantages to the person in last place just to shake things up.
    the whole concept of the orbs is one of the best things about this game. You can have chances to move peoples spot or steal coins form them. This can make the game really interesting, especially if one person if buying a lot of orbs and taking up a lot of the spaces. You can even buy orb that will steal other peoples spaces and make them your space. This can really change the game around and ads fun to the rolling part of the game.
    Sometimes it seems like people would rather just play the mini-games. To me this is not as fun because the board has so much strategy and twists that it keeps me in the game even though im not very good at the mini-games. There is an option if you don't want a board that is pretty cool for those people who just want to play the games. You try and win games to open clam shells. You are looking for the faces in the shell that match your own. Once you get three you win. this goes by quicker and has way more games.
    This game was made well for anyone and everyone to play. It has a pretty level playing field for beginners and is still fun for people who have played many times. Overall i think this is a good group game or family game.

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    Feb 7th, 2008 at 13:21:30     -    Mario Party (N64)

    A Video board game where you must try and win the most stars and coins through a series of mini-games and rolling. Each board has its own theme and rules.

    Game Play
    We played the windmill level of Mario Party. This level was fun because your coins were very important to purchase the windmills. This made each mini-game crucial because whoever won could hopefully buy or put money into and windmill. There is lots of strategy to this level because you want the most windmills but some windmills are worth more stars than others. If you have the most money in the windmill thats worth three stars you get three stars instead of just one like other windmills.
    Not only is it hard too strategize what windmills to buy you also must look at where you are going on the board. Each time a character passes a bridge or obstacle it changes so the next person goes a different way than the other. This means you must try to plan ahead where you want to go and how you are going to get there. This makes the game tricky because if you are racing someone to a windmill it is most likely that only one of you will even be able to go the directions of it, if that.
    This is a cool game because you are competitive with the people you are playing with in the mini games but there are also lots of places for good luck such as rolling. This makes it so the person who wins all the games might not win the game. This is good for people who are beginning because the game board is what matters most. They also have directions before each mini game so you don't have to go into the game not knowing how to play.
    The orbs that you can pick up around the board can change the game significantly. They can take away peoples coins or their coins from a windmill. This can change the game quickly. It is easy to get a lot of your spaces on the board and setting traps for the other players. This is crucial for the people who don't win the games because they must steal coins from the people who are winning and have their own coins.

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    Jan 25th, 2008 at 13:50:19     -    Wii Play (Wii)

    Game play
    This time i played i chose to only play a few of the mini games. i chose to play laser hockey and the shooting game. In laser hockey you seem to get competitive right away because the rules are simple and everyone can play. This is a good take off of the simple game of pong or the basics of air hockey. The shooting game is fun because you actually use the wii remote like a remote. you point it at things and press a button to shoot. This is a new way to play games, but a slight take off of the classic nintendo duck hunting game.

    The design of laser hockey was good because even though they used the idea of old games they put their own new spin on it. The lights and the puck and the paddles were all original. It was very easy for yourself to make the puck in your own goal which is important because in real air hockey this affect can change the game. A two player game like this could be played over and over but has no change in story. You are always trying to make it into the other sides goal. As well you are always trying to stop people from making it into your goal. Perhaps a new twist could make this game better but it is fun anyways.
    The shooting game was by far my favorite game. Using the wii remote brought me back to the days of duck hunting. I think that i could play this game over and over again. It is a hard game to start, so it makes you want to keep playing and getting better. The directions weren't very clear when i first played but as soon as i knew the situation i played much better. I think that this game has potential to be a very good game but a few things could be changed. I think that this game could have been better if every time it wasn't just a free for all shoot off. I like the last part where you kill spaceships that are attacking your player and not the others. This was a good new twist but it is only the last part of the competition. I think they should put more element like this in their game and it could be better. Maybe like colored targets or something so you have to watch what you shoot. they attempted this by putting your wii face on targets but they don't explain what your intentions should be before the game starts. One second you are shooting for the other persons pieces and next your trying to save your own. Overall this game design was good but there is room for improvement.

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