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    Mar 5th, 2008 at 19:52:15     -    Halo 3 (360)

    Game play #2

    My emotional state while I was playing the second time I was attentive to the game than before. I felt like I had to be more attentive since my friends and I decided to play the mission part where we had to go off and destroy the halo. We began to strategize our moves since we did not want to get killed by the alien creature in the game. We wanted to complete the goal of getting to the chamber and destroying the ring.
    I liked the characters in the game they helped make the game interesting. In the game the human race works together with a certain alien race to achieve the goal in destroying the halo. Apparently the two main characters once were rivals but put aside their differences to work together and defeat their common enemy.
    The storyline is the sequel of the other halo games. The game story is about the human race trying to escape an alien race that is trying to kill them off and trying to use the halo which would cause the destruction of every living thing that exists. Master Chief is guided through the game by AI Cortana who is the voice the player hears and has to follow her directions in order to complete the game. The story line was very interesting to play. Although Cortana got a bit annoying toward the end of the game because she kept saying to drive faster and that we only had a certain amount of time to get to the ship safely. In the end of the game the story ends with Master Chief dying and the alien who helped him leaves with the rest of his kind.
    My interaction with my friends was interesting. The communication between us become noticeable than the first time. We began to strategize our next moves and made sure that we were together most of the time so that neither of us would get ambushed. If we did get separated we would try to find each other before the enemy would. At one point another friend wanted to play so I let him have my control and we all seemed to have a good time.


    The design element that makes this a good game was that when the characters are attacked it does not take a long time to kill them, with the exception of the mutant aliens that transform form a spider looking thing to some other alien form. It became a bit more realistic for the characters to die with a few attacks.
    The challenges that the game provides are the army of unfriendly aliens the players have to get through in order to reach their destination. Also once the aliens are taken care and the players reach the chamber where they can destroy halo they encounter a robot that will not let them destroy the ring. So in order to destroy the ring they have to destroy the robot. Another challenge would also be that the planet is going to explode since the halo has been destroyed and the player only has a few minutes to get back to their ship. The challenge would be that the ship is far away from the chamber where the halo was being destroyed.
    The game keeps the player interested because once the player has battled the aliens and is so close to the end the player would want to finish playing the game. Also there are times after you have passed a certain level the story begins to play and in order to find out what happens next or to find out the ending of the story you have to continue to play the game.
    The game fosters interaction among the players by having them converse and plan their next move. In order for the players to get through a challenge they have to cooperate with each other. Even when the players are playing against each other there is interaction between the two players. When playing against each other the players intersect by talking to each other and making fun of each other.

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    Mar 5th, 2008 at 16:00:06     -    Halo 3 (360)


    The name of the game is Halo 3 the goal of the game would be to complete the mission of destroying the halo. The players have to go through creatures that inhabit the planet in order to get to the chamber where they can destroy the halo. The game also allows players to play against each other and they have to kill each other and the player with the most kills wins.

    Game play

    I was playing with a friend of mine who is more experienced with the game than I am. While playing I was having fun and happy. Even though I got killed most of the time the few times that I did manage to win it made me very happy. Even though I think it was just luck that I was able to kill his character a few times it still felt good to get a few kills to my over all score.
    The game was fun to play because once you died you would come back to life in a few seconds and would appear in another area. Being in a new area could be used to either your advantage or your opponent’s advantage. Your opponent doesn’t know where your new position is but you may have an idea of where they are and thus be able to kill them before you are spotted. Also as you go along you could pick up a new weapon such as a sniper riffle. The game also provided vehicles to maneuver around the game. There were also boosts to make your armor stronger, and also to make you invisible.
    What made the game interesting to play was that even though you had armor you where not invincible after a few shots your character would die. Also the boosts would not last forever so you had to take advantage of the time you had with the different boosts. In the game depending on the area you choose to play in there are certain spots where you could jump through and end up in a certain area. There were also areas where you could jump on a certain thing and it launched you higher than you could normally jump.
    My interaction with my friends was interesting. I was confused sometimes because I thought I had him but then all of a sudden I would be the one who was killed. I would be like “what happened?” and he would laugh and say I killed you. Then after we would both laugh and continue playing the game. Most of the game consisted of laughing at each other but mainly at me. I would sometimes ask him how to do a certain move and he would tell me. The interaction between was a more of a friendly competition. We just played the game for fun and I had a good time playing.

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    Mar 5th, 2008 at 15:59:32     -    Halo 3 (360)

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    Feb 21st, 2008 at 02:00:53     -    Donkey Kong 64 (N64)

    Game log

    This time I played by myself and I tries another game since I was playing by myself. In this new game I had to gather items and find and retrieve the bananas. I was a bit confused when I began to play because I had no idea that I had to retrieve the bananas and other items. Like the previous game I became bored very fast. I think that if I knew what I was supposed to do then it might have made it a bit more interesting but that’s just my opinion.

    Well I am not sure if the game had a story line or narrative. All we had to do was go through what seemed liked mazes and get past the other characters that seemed to get in the way and attack your character. Although there were doors that when you stood in front of it a ghost like character would appear and give u a few hints about how to get through the game. You could find those doors through out the game. There was also little shop like huts that when you would go in it would tell you if you could get anything or not. I really think that if I knew how and what to do in the game I would have enjoyed playing the game much more.

    I did not have much of an interaction with others because I was playing by myself and the bystanders were preoccupied with there own things. Although I did ask my friend if she knew how to play but she said no so I was on my own. While playing the game I was a bit quieter than the first time I played mainly because there was no one to interact with.


    I am not sure if the game had different levels. The game did have different areas that looked and had different obstacles. The game had different islands and in each island there was a different scene. One of the islands was like a normal island it looked like a sandy beach. In another island it seemed kind of dark and gloomy, there were about five different scenes in the game. In some of the islands they had caves in which the character had to walk into and in the cave some had holes in the ground and the only way was to swing across and if you feel your life would lower. Some of the scenes in other islands had very narrow platforms and if you feel, again, your life would be decreased.

    The challenges that the game provides would be the narrow platforms. Another obstacle would be the characters that are put in the game as obstacle that attack the player’s character and decreases the life of the player’s character. There would as so be timed obstacles where the banana would be behind a closed gate and the player would hit a button which would open the gate. After that the player would have a few seconds to get to the open gate and retrieve the banana.

    The game reward structure was good and a bit confusing. The reward structure was good in the sense that if you defeated the character who was supposed to attack you, you would get a slice of watermelon which would mean you get more life if you need it. The confusing part was that you getting different items were a good thing but I didn’t know what they were good for I wasn’t sure if they gave your character a boost when fighting or if they did anything at all. I really liked that when you defeated your opponent you would gain some life back.

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