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    Oct 5th, 2008 at 23:49:37     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC)

    The first mission forces you to steal a bike and ride your self to safety. While some would argue that stealing a bike is always wrong,(A Kantists), When your safety is at stake because the cops put you in a bad situation, in enemy gang territory, stealing a bike could be understood. Either your killed or you steal a bike which was just laying around. Yes that was someones bike but the fact that your life is in danger is much more important at that time. You have no way to contact anyone to come to your safety and you know the cops wont help because they put you in that position so the only thing you can do is steal the bike and flee. If you were in CJ's shoes you would probably do the same thing. The next mission has you and your fellow gang members being chased by rival gang members. Your on a bike and the rival gang is in a car. Once again there is nothing you can do but flee. I ended up running someone over with my bike and possibly killing them but they were in the way and I was fleeing a drive by. When your in that position you don't have time to dodge pedestrians, if you go to slow the rival gang will catch you and kill you which means you end up being killed and if you hit a pedestrian you put their life at risk. While your life is at danger you don't have the time to react to what your doing either. Your just concentrated on getting away. In both situations your life is at risk and breaking the rules can be considered understandable in both situations all you wanted to do was get away from death. On the other side you could also argue that because your in a gang this is happening. If you never made the moral decision to join a gang then you would never be in this situation. I guess if you weren't in the gang then the game wouldn't be as interesting. You wouldn't get stuck in certain situations and you would never be as hooked to this game. Breaking moral rules is what gives this game its ability to be so good.

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    Oct 5th, 2008 at 20:52:56     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC)

    After starting a new save of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas the intro movie shows a lot of different values which need to be explained. The movie starts off with the main character "CJ" getting off of a airplane and getting into a cab. The cab proceeds to get pulled over and by a few police officer and is harassed because of his actions in the past. They end up throwing him into a neighborhood which is occupied by a rival gang. I will first start with what I think is the most important theme in the introduction movie, the theme of justice. The police pulled of CJ because of a bad image. After coming back to San Andreas CJ committed no crimes and he we was treated like a criminal. Why would the police act in such a way as to abuse CJ. It seems when you look at their actions they figured if they showed CJ their power that he might not do join back up with his gang and start causing problems again. The had the right idea but their actions I would consider unmoral. Looking at Kantanism what if you were CJ and that happened to you. You wouldn't want it to happen to you which means you should never do it to someone else. Acting the way the cops did wouldn't hold up in all situations in the universe which means its the wrong thing to do. Another theme which shows up in the intro movie is accountability. The police are hired by the people to keep the peace and well being of everyone yet they did the exact opposite for CJ and treated him miserably. They did everything a criminal would be expected to do. They became their worst enemy and what they fight against. The introduction of this game shows a insight into the rest of the game. CJ starts taking advantage of others to make his way to the top. Its kinda hard to say if it was because of the cops actions but you can tell this was the spark that started the fire.

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