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    Astro Boy: The Video Game (DS)    by   jp       (Nov 20th, 2017 at 07:18:47)

    There was an Astro Boy GBA game that I really enjoyed (made by Treasure, of all companies) and so I picked this one up just for fun (and for not a lot of money, which is a common theme with me).

    When I booted the game up I was surprised that the existing save files on the cart indicated that progress had only been made to the second stage of world 1. Wow, that doesn't seem like too far, I thought - maybe the game had previously been owned by a small child who just didn't like it?

    My mistake. And I only made it to the 3rd stage before calling it quits. It's been a while since I've played a game that had so many issues in terms of gameplay and controls. It felt old school in a bad way, so - an experience so clunky and awkward that it might have been given a pass 20 years ago because we didn't know any better. But today? (well, ten years ago I guess - the game is that old)

    The game alternates (AFAIK) between platforming sections and sidescrolling shooting sections. Both are a mess. In the platforming ones, you have to punch your way through enemies - button mask mostly, but there are some that fire little fire balls that damage you. You can't really dodge them. Jumping is also awkward because you can jump up, but you can't jump to move sideways unless you press another button and then Astro sort of fires his jets and goes sideways or a little bit. But, you can't control him, so getting the timing right to land on a moving platform is way more effort than it should be.

    When you kill an enemy they drop an orb, collect enough orbs and you can activate a special power. I only tried three of the powers: a shield which was useless 'cause I activated it at the wrong time, a health restore, and Astro's butt machineguns which were a waste because he didn't seem to fire at the enemies surrounding me.


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    Egg Inc. (iPd)    by   jp       (Nov 14th, 2017 at 21:50:31)

    I've been playing this for a week(?) now - mostly because I've been on a loosely investigative (experiential?) exploration of idle/clicker games. I think this is my 4th in the last month or so.

    The premise is fun, you're selling eggs - so you tap to get chickens and then spend all the money researching better eggs and improvements that make your entire operation more efficient. But, it's a weird game on a few fronts...

    a. The "core" activity - tap to get more chickens, never gets better/automated in any significant way. At the beginning, it matters...but once you're past the thousands...all you get is a bonus multiplier (small, in the grand scheme of things) that only lasts while there are chickens coming out of the hatchery - which is less than 10-15 seconds.

    b. The core driver of the economy comes from watching ads (you can't choose to do it, you randomly get the opportunity every now and then), tapping on drones (that randomly appear and fly across the sky), and random gifts (that appear as delivered boxes). So, to make significant progress in the game you can't play it idly - you have to pay attention, with your phone on.

    c. Offline benefits are super slim - I was NEVER able to buy/improve anything from having not played and coming back to the game. So, you can't "let your economy" grow - because it doesn't. A few drones and a minute of paying attention will probably get more progress than 2 hrs offline.

    d. The progression curve felt quite smooth until slightly over halfway through. I hit a cliff HARD. (going from Tachyon to Graviton eggs). It's so bad I decided to quit as soon as I learned what the next egg was (Graviton).

    So, it's a weird idle game because it's not idle. You make progress via the action parts, really. It's also not really a clicker game - because the clicking quickly becomes meaningless. It does heavily favor the re-start (prestige) which is weird/interesting because the core loop ALSO has a re-start loop inside of it. Each time you upgrade your egg you have to start over. But when you prestige start-over you get special soul eggs that give you a nice multiplier for everything else.

    Overall, the game feels weirdly out of balance - I never had issues with having enough hatchery capacity (the main thing you build/upgrade) and neither did I have issues with the transportation (you also buy/upgrade trucks to carry eggs away). I suspect this might become more prominent later - but so far it seems to easy and, well, mostly meaningless.

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    1979 Revolution: Black Friday (Other)    by   641345340       (Nov 10th, 2017 at 01:11:46)

    I wanna talk about the interrogation in my final entry.
    This part is one of the most important part of the story because it predicts all the dramatic conflicts.
    I especially like the voice acting of Asadollah Lajevardi who is the warden. Players have to make choices throughout the whole process. Asadollah will beat and threat you. There is a real sense of danger in this part.
    The game would be a totally different experience without the interrogation part.

    This entry has been edited 3 times. It was last edited on Nov 10th, 2017 at 01:13:58.

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    Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma (VITA)    by   edGarcia       (Nov 10th, 2017 at 00:52:10)

    Got pretty far in the game this time around, I have to say that some of the kills are pretty gorey. The neck braces that blow your head off and the one with the chair and the revolver is also pretty intense. The way Sigma coldly calculates his death is pretty cool. I like how the players of the game learn to SHIFT and take advantage of this power to make the best decisions where everyone survives.

    The ending was decent. The thought that the choice to swap positions with the players who won the coin toss was a cop out from the writers. I mean at the end of the game they are motivated, but the virus is still going to hit and kill most of humanity.... also why do the decisions of a few adults decide the fate of the world?

    Overall I liked the game the dialogue could've been better but I think that I need to play the first two games to properly understand the story.

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    Oxenfree (PC)    by   lintree       (Nov 10th, 2017 at 00:37:37)

    I'm still having a difficult time discerning the moral dilemma so far, I'm assuming it will appear near the climax of the game but so far I haven't been able to catch onto it. The overarching gameplay is getting increasingly creepy. Currently, the most prominent dilemma is simply which answers to give during prompts but even then, it doesn't feel like the answers affect the narrative that much. I'm more interested in the banter between characters than the overarching story and that may be a problem. I'm looking forward to playing more of the game.

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    Perfect Dark (N64)    by   Kab II

    Probably the best shooter out there.
    most recent entry:   Wednesday 16 January, 2008
    Game: Perfect Dark (N64)


    Perfect Dark is a first person platform shooter game which was released on the Nintendo 64 in 2000. Although the game contains different characters and story lines, it is widely considered to be the follow-up to Nintendo's 1997 game Goldeneye. The reason for the comparison is that Perfect Dark was made by RARE WARE, the same company that made Goldeneye, and consequently, contains many similarities to the older game such as control styles, game design, weapons, multiplayer, and even some of the same levels. The main objective of the game is to hunt down future-based political officials who stand in the way of your organization's top-secret missions.


    I used to play Perfect Dark a lot when it first came out. My brother and I played multiple N64 games in the late 90's and early 2000's, but my interest in new games faded as I grew older. However, after not playing Perfect Dark in years, I recently bought the game online and just a week or so ago played for the first time since I was about 13, so my level of enjoyment is a bit higher then usual when playing video games.

    The game is incredably fun to play and extremely detailed for its time and system. It's basically an updated and perfected version of Goldeneye. The plot is reminisant of many James Bond films only this time it's set in the future. Your character is Johanna Dark and you are an agent working for a futuristic secret service organization. Your primary goal is to find information and pursue a man named Mr. Blonde who is plotting terrorist crimes.

    The first person platform is utilized to full extent, which just enough level design in the game to keep a good balance between over crowding the shooter perspective, and making it too bland and vast. The artificial intelligence in the game is more responsive and realistic then most games which came out at the same time. This would include the A.I. talking, "Why can't we shoot her!?" or "NOOOO!!" and different "death falls" which take place according to where and how you shoot them. (Yes to some this would sound disgusting, but I refer to it not to sound immature, but to give insight on the small details which make the difference between a good game and a great game.) There are many other great features here such as target practice which lets you get accustomed to different weapons, all of which come with secondary functions, yet another great add on. And further more, each gun has its own personal features such as accuracy, x-ray vision, scope, charge shots, and many more. It's a game of many features, all designed to perfection. Time to play on.

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