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    The Last Guardian (PS4)    by   edGarcia       (Sep 21st, 2017 at 18:01:57)

    I played through another few hours of the game and U have realized that I don't like this game. The game is beautiful and the way Trico interacts with the is environment is incredibly lifelike, but I was put off by the lack of story in the game.

    I made it all the way to the part where the boy and Trico are climbing up a tower and a monster wearing a mask (who suspiciously looks like Trico) knocks us off.... for no reason. I'm sure the game later tells us who this is but I am a bit worn out of all of the puzzles and having no clues to the plot as a just wears me out. If I was to get a clue to the backstory after clearing each room I would be satisfied.

    A big highlight of the game is when the bride you and the monster are on is collapsing, being in the open area was a great "breath of fresh air so to speak" after clearing the last dungeon. After rolling the glass off the game really picks up and the boy has to do a "leap of faith" to Trico's tail. The first time this happened I failed it because I thought I was dead but after seeing the tail come flying towards me, I knew that I had to press R1 to save myself. If the game had a few more of these fast paced moments, I would've gotten more engaged.

    Overall I can see why people like this game, but it isn't my cup of tea. The visuals were great, puzzles challenging, but there wasn't enough to keep me engaged to the game. Looking back to my puzzle game history i really enjoyed portal 2 because after every couple of puzzles I would get backstory or witty robot humor to keep me entertained. The Last Guardian doesn't have this and so I wasn't as engaged. Having a narrator of the main character just describe what he is doing isn't plot development its boring.(at least to me it is.)

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    Oxenfree (PS4)    by   Sparce       (Sep 20th, 2017 at 21:35:14)

    Today I started a brand new game Oxenfree. In this game you play as a blue haired girl named Alex and you and your friend Ren and new step brother Jonas are on a boat to an island getting ready to have a party. You learn that you are not supposed to be on the island and then you hop a fence to get to the party. We then go to a cave where using a hand radio cause weird lights to appear then I follow Jonas into a cave where we end up trapped and cause some weird ghost alien triangle thing to appear. When this happened my audio just gave feedback and I wasn't able to tell what was going on. I then get a call from Ren and ignore the other person trying to call me since I thought it would be bad If I switched lines. Then on my way to Ren I get trapped in a time loop where I get some weird information about my dead brother. I break out of the time loop and go on to see Nora one of the girls at the party. After convincing her to go to the radio tower I leave to go find Ren where I get stuck in another time loop and after breaking out of that one have to get evil spirits out of Ren with the radio. Ren then goes to the radio tower while me and Jonas go to find the last person Clarissa. We head over to the army base and fight through another time loop and also a quiz from the ghosts where in the middle of it I have to free Jonas from spirits. When we finally get to Clarissa and she jumps out a window while possessed. I ran down but she was not there any more. I head back to the tower and have to decide who to take with me to go find a key. I want to take Nora but I canít leave Jonas and Ren together or else they will tear each other apart so I decide to take Ren because I need dependable people at the tower in case something happens and Ren just ate a pot brownie. This is the end of todayís play through.

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    Destiny 2 (PS4)    by   jp       (Sep 20th, 2017 at 15:24:19)

    Played my second Nightfall strike last night. I find it really interesting that they've added a tough time limit (run out of time, you fail and get booted back to orbit) together with some non-shooting mechanics. In the case of the inverted spire nightfall you had to jump through hoops (literally!) to get increments of 30 seconds added. In the current one, you have to destroy hidden/secret lattices for 30 second increments of extra time.

    I guess it makes the nightfall more "creative" because it's less about DPS and holding out for longer, and more about coordination and tactics. I'm not sure yet if it's more "fun" - because sometimes I just enjoy going in to shoot monsters, and the time pressure sort of gets in the way of that. On the other hand, after you've done them a few times you get into a hyper-efficient mode where you literally run to the end as quickly as possible and hammer away at the boss. I kind of liked the challenges they had at the end of D1, but I guess I also stopped paying attention to those after a while.

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    Soul Bubbles (DS)    by   jp       (Sep 20th, 2017 at 15:18:29)

    Made it to the next-to-last world (Himalayan/Tibetan themed) and I realized I was starting to get a bit tired. Each new world introduces a new mechanic you have to use before moving on to the next world. It's very "by the book" design - competent and solid, but not inspired. Tellingly, new mechanics are usually only used in that world. Mixing them all together wouldn't really work and then there'd be too much to worry about.

    I've really enjoyed the general "mushiness" that moving the bubble around has. It's quite imprecise, but purposefully so. It reminds me very much of LocoRoco - in a good way. The game feels more organic, more like "play in the real world".

    However, I got a bit bored, looked at the pile of shame and decided to call it quits when I got to a section where I was unable to do what I wanted after 20 minutes of trying (tried to swing a bubble into a secret area, but kept failing).

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    This is the Police (PC)    by   Miranda       (Sep 20th, 2017 at 00:22:35)

    Starting the game This is the Police, the game revolves around the struggles of balancing your morality and ethics as you play the role of police chief Jack Boyd. The game begins with an introduction to your roles as Jack Boyd: after an investigation goes wrong, you must work to keep your job and make money for your retirement. Your tasks include keeping the city safe by solving cases, leading your task forces, and making moral decisions involving the mafia.

    The first great moral dilemma I faced in the game was when an old colleague, Kendrick, comes asking me for a favor. Kendrick has gotten into trouble working with the mafia, and now needs assistance because he made a contract with them but isnít able to pay them back the money he owes. If he doesnít get someone to take over the contract for him, the mafiaís going to kill his family. At this point, Iím given the choice of assisting Kendrick or refusing him. I figured that since Iím already knee deep in with the mafia and my future as Jack looked bleak, I would save Kendrick and his family so I chose to assist him. There wasnít an immediate consequence for my actions, but Iím sure Iíll be hearing

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    Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)    by   TimBot9000

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    most recent entry:   Thursday 21 February, 2008

    Story progression occurs when the character accepts missions for the various NPCs within the game. These missions are typically associated with the main story, however there are a few instances of minor story arcs also within the game that can add to the overall storyline.

    The game also incorporates a new feature where the main character's physical traits such as body type, hairstyle, clothing, etc. can be altered in game. It provides for a more visual approach to character stats such as strength and speed. If you keep CJ fit throughout the game you’ll have far less trouble with missions where you’re on foot.


    The controls for this game are quite simple and straightforward which allows the game to be easily accessible. As the game continues the control can even become easier. CJ is capable of gaining experience with various weapons and vehicles so that when he uses them he is far more efficient. He can aim better or even handle a car smoother at higher speeds.

    Numerous unlockables are available throughout the game, some of which can be purchased without having to complete any difficult task. However interesting these unlockable may be none ever feel too complicated or necessary for completion of the game which really allows the player to feel more in control of CJ and his world.

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