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    Destiny (PS4)    by   jp       (Apr 23rd, 2017 at 20:44:10)

    And I'm still playing. Regularly. Perhaps more than before?

    It helps that I have a large-enough group of regular players that there's always someone around to help, or that I can join up with. Of course I'm now in the "last gasp" of the game, I've been maxxed out for a while now but I hadn't been able to finish the Wrath raid on hard with challenges. Until today. He!

    The raid update, which as far as I know is the last significant update before Destiny 2 (and the beta before it) was pretty smart. It's not really "new content", rather they just added some armor and weapons for people to get AND, most importantly, updated all the raids to new light/difficulty levels. They cycle every week, and I've been pretty amazed to see how much interest there is in the game again. People had really started to drop off and move on, but they're pretty much all back now. Funny how that works.

    It's been a month since the first raid update (Vault) and starting next week they'll have all cycled so I'm guessing that people will start to disappear again at that point. Still, it's been a good last hurrah. I'm trying to get as much of the last book completed as I can (within reason) and I also played a bit with the Titan character that my son has by now abandoned. It's kind of surprising that I've spent years playing the same character only to now try out a new one...

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    Thomas Was Alone (PC)    by   brialinza       (Apr 13th, 2017 at 00:59:46)

    I feel like this was a wonderful resolution to the game! To sum it up, basically Thomas and the crew fulfilled their mission, and started helping those after them into "escaping" as it were. There was one, "Gray" as he was called, who was lusty for power, but had been eaten up by the black pixel cloud.

    I think this game provides an amazing depiction of how AIs can be "programmed" so to speak, so that they have good morals. To be able to raise them in an environment where they understand teamwork, kindness, and all the other emotions both positive and negative. In the end, it is all about the interactions of other individuals that builds the characters. I feel like because of this, this is very realistic.

    A very thoughtful game, that is for certain!

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    Thomas Was Alone (PC)    by   brialinza       (Apr 10th, 2017 at 21:44:25)

    This playthrough I have gotten to part 7.10. To recap, basically all the characters were eaten up by a black pixel cloud, starting with Thomas. The beautiful music didn't change, so the emotions I felt could be described as "oh, I guess that just happened." When it was bringing up the emotions of the other characters, though, that's where this game was able to strike a chord in me a bit. Not enough to make me wail on my computer, but something where I got a little more emotionally involved in the story of the game.

    So none of the characters died, they were just moved elsewhere I suppose. It is obvious now that this is an AI system, or something, what with the narration. Where I have left off, Thomas and the crew (with two new characters) are working to escape/help the other AI in any way they can.

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    Thomas Was Alone (PC)    by   brialinza       (Apr 10th, 2017 at 01:50:18)

    So far, this game has a very nice storytelling mechanic. In my opinion, it is not as good as The Talos Principle or Life is Strange, but it is still nice and enjoyable. At the beginning of the game, it leaves everything off all mysterious-like, and the narration starts by saying how Thomas was alone. For some reason, this evoked a bit of an emotion for me even though the game didn't even start yet.

    The puzzle mechanics of the game are very interesting, and not exactly what I expected with being able to switch characters! I have played through to the end of part 3, and I have to say, this ominous black pixel cloud (as described as similar to a white cell virus in side text?) it bringing a new kind of suspension to the game. Overall however, this hasn't been all that stressful and the music is nice as well!

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    Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PC)    by   hcasey1       (Apr 8th, 2017 at 19:44:25)

    One thing I forgot to mention in my other entries is that there is a pretty cool leveling up system like there is in a lot of other games. You can also unlock portions of the open world map and then fast travel to places. When you go around around the map and kill enemies that have slaves, you are able to free the slaves and they thank you and what not. You also have to worry about larger beasts that try to attack you when they see you. The pretty cool thing about that is that you are able to basically posses them and then ride them around. While you are riding them around you can attack enemies pretty easily with them. Another small mission that I came across is the mission in which you make a deal with an orc that is captive. You go into his brain with the character's weird powers and it takes you to the war chief ranking page thing. Then you free him and he helps you by leading you to the enemy you want to kill. He is a creepy little thing. His name is Ratbag. How charming.

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    Vanguard: Saga of Heroes (PC)    by   Player 1

    No comment, yet.
    most recent entry:   Wednesday 17 January, 2007
    I love this game and cannot wait till its finished, and then I look forward to future updates. Today I had a lot of fun questing with a group of other players. I shouted that I was looking for a group and I was instantly invited to a group by a friend I made the night before and they were very close to where I logged in. A lot of frustration in these games comes from wanting to complete a challenging quest but needing other players to help you. Complaints about MMOs are often that the player cant find a group and thus cant get anything accomplished and spends their whole time playing by waiting for a response to their LFG message. I was fortunate to find a group so quickly and the fun was already under way when I arrived with the rest of my party members. They were killing pirates along the coast, trying to grind for experience as well as complete a quest. I did not have the quest but a group member was able to share it with me, so that I wouldn't miss out and could complete it as well for exp and loot. The sharing of quests is a helpful tool that makes this game more enjoyable because sometimes when you enter a new area you miss a questgiver, and its not as fun to be working towards someone else's goal. This allows everyone in the group to share a goal and work together. This session was a lot of fun because are group worked well together and we had excellent damage and support from each member of the group. We were able to kill many pirates at a time, and all maintain control of the battles with no deaths. This allowed for a constant flow of exp, and two people in the group including me leveled very quickly. After everyone completed the pirates quest, we stayed in the area for a "Named mob", which are unique, more difficult than the surrounding generic creatures and often drop special items. Killing these "named mobs" adds excitement to group ventures because they are more challenging to kill, have increased health and sometimes special abilities. Also everyone hopes that they will drop an item that they can use and upgrade their gear. The named pirate dropped a shield which went to the "tank", or defensive fighter type. Afterward we all headed back to town to turn in our quest for rewards. Quests are fun because they have out venture out and kill monsters for exp, and then after a certain number, you can return to the quest giver for bonus exp for completing the task. This gives you more exp for your time, then if you just killed without quests. We then collected 3 new quests and went off to a nearby area to complete them. The first one involved sparring against a monk of the drunken style. This was fun because you got to kill an non-player character who isn't a normal enemy and isn't normally attackable. Then we went off to a camp of lizardmen, where we killed the lizardmen and then rescued soldier hostages who had been kidnapped at the camp and escorted the hostages back to town. This was a fun quest, but there was one annoying part. We were assigned to kill 12 lizardmen, but there was another player there not in the group who killed some of the lizardmen at the camp. When all were slain, we had only killed 10/12. Then we had to wait around the camp for several minutes until new lizardmen spawned and we could finish the quest. Competing with other players for the same objective is a frustrating part of MMOs and can decrease the fun as you spend time waiting. With everything completed we headed back to town for our rewards and I upgraded several pieces of my armor for increased protection and stats. I had a very fun and successful group this session, which increased my enjoyment. Sometimes the group doesn't work well together and there are constant deaths and little accomplishments. I wanted to continue playing with this particular group of players, but I had to log off and run to class. Hopefully some of them will be online the next time I log on. I love playing MMOs cause you can't beat them and there is always more to do, and I anxiously await my next adventure.

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