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    Tom Clancy's Endwar (DS)    by   jp       (Apr 18th, 2015 at 20:31:41)

    I picked this up because it was cheap and the screenshots on the back made it look like this was a version of Advance Wars - a series I really enjoy and kind of miss to be honest.

    It's not Advance Wars.

    However, I'm not sure yet - having only played the tutorial and a few missions, that I understand completely why I'm a little disappointed. For now, I don't really understand the different units and how they work together with the terrain and all. Also, there's no real economy/building. You can capture these depots that sometimes have supplies to make units, but it seems like they're mostly one-shot deals. Also, they've rolled in all the units (lots of them) in together - so it's harder for me to make sense of the whole tactical layout. I guess I'll get better as I play more?

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    Counterspy (PS3)    by   jp       (Apr 18th, 2015 at 20:25:25)

    I've really been enjoying this, even though it seems like I'm always doing great (at Defcon 4) until something goes wrong and all of a sudden I'm at Defcon 1 or 2 and desperate to hopefully finish the level. Anyways, at this point I only have to beat the final level and I should be done. That's a big "if" though, because both bases (east and west) are at Defcon 1. I've only tried once, but they're both large/long and so the chances of making it through without being seen are pretty slim. So, I have to grind some other missions to HOPEFULLY end on a defcon higher (because the current defcon state of a base is whatever you got last).

    It's actually quite annoying because there's a bunch of stuff that carries over from one mission to the next - you have to pay to restock your ammo as well as any special powers you want. I can live with the special abilities, but the ammo? That's just seems mean, maybe even petty. I guess it does mean that you have to conserve ammo and be more careful and all that, but still. It's not like you get a lot of money from mission to mission. Trust me, I go for "full completion" on each level (finding all the stuff you can sell for cash and it isn't a lot of money. At all. Even the grind isn't a guarantee, because you have to earn at least more than you spent (on enhancements for the level as well as ammo spent).

    However, it's been fun so far and I think I'm getting slightly better at it even if some aspects are starting to grate and get a little frustrating.

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    Defcon (PC)    by   MasterChief       (Apr 8th, 2015 at 14:41:06)

    “10 Minute War”

    I looked up the longest wars in world history on Google. One source claims the Hundred Years War was the longest, between Britain and France, technically lasting 116 years.

    Other sites claim the longest was 335 years, though little if any blood was shed in the 335 Year War (or state of war) between the Netherlands and Isles of Sicily.

    Contrast this with the reality of DEFCON, which is that the longest the war that ends all wars is likely to go on is ten minutes.

    I read a book by the editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post this week called Thrive that says the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the incident at Three Mile Island, and the Challenger explosion all had at least something to do with questionable decisions made when someone had too little sleep. Thankfully today we have layers of diplomacy and lots of people between the play call and the trigger button, that collectively or individually could help prevent such a war and allow us all to sleep a little better.

    Perhaps the ultimate price required by modern war has done something to discourage it. With the exception of mad men, we all have an interest in loving each other enough to live another day.

    I am still trying to decide what message the game creators were trying to communicate. Are we supposed to come to the logical conclusion that the computer in Wargames did, that no one wins at war, or do the "Player 3 Wins!" state screens suggest someone can win? Is there a moral point to this game or is the message that all war is immoral because everybody dies? Or are we just supposed to use the game to remember the horror of nuclear war and the emotions associated with having to make world desolating decisions?

    The central rule of thermonuclear war is mutually assured destruction, a rule that helps ensure nobody plays the ultimate game.

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    Defcon (PC)    by   MasterChief       (Apr 8th, 2015 at 14:34:21)

    “Player 3 Victory!”

    At the top middle of the screen, there is a scoreboard tracking the exploits of up to six players, human and AI. This is another of those absurdities… Nobody wins in nuclear war. Even if we win, we spend the rest of our lives with regrets. Nuclear war only is won when not engaged in, when nations ironically trust each other with each other’s lives.

    I compare this to the news that Obama is in nuclear talks with Iran, not to prevent them from getting them, but to withdraw sanctions and allow the program to proceed. Is that really wise?

    As a kid I was taught nuclear drills in school, and even entered a bunker once when at my grandparents’ house in Imatra, Finland. Helsinki is just over 1,000 kilometers from Chernobyl, and everyone in Europe was in a panic, watching the weather patterns when the nuclear plant blew in 1986.

    I’ve also been to war, though our main concerns in Iraq and Kuwait were avoiding scud missiles, RPG’s, and chemical weapons, which the New York Times recently admitted did exist in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. When our plane landed, we were told to immediately run to shelter if we heard the word “Lightning!” repeated three times.

    All of this adds to my impression that what is represented on screen as little flashes of neon color and light is actually real. It was a predominant fear among school children during the Cold War, and maybe will be again if Iran and Obama get their way.

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    Defcon (PC)    by   MasterChief       (Apr 8th, 2015 at 14:34:01)

    “Santiago Hit! 1.8M Dead.”

    The first time I play Introversion’s DEFCON, I am pretty confused by the interface. It is a beautiful game, with a soundtrack that is a blend of alien and angelic. The game looks a lot like the computer images in 1983’s Wargames the movie, but is far more colorful.

    The rainbow colors and sounds create a strange dissonance when contrasted with what is actually happening, the extinction of the human race. As the subtitle says, “Everybody Dies.”

    The game begins with a 1.5 to 5 minute countdown between DEFCON 5, where ships are beginning to move into offensive and defensive positions, to DEFCON 1, at which point nukes are flying, radars are destroyed, and civilizations begin to fall.

    “New York Hit, 17.5M Dead.”

    “Tokyo Hit, 2.0M Dead.”

    “Seoul Hit, 3.7M Dead.”

    “Launches Detected.”


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    Don't read this one. I don't know why, but it made two logs for the same game.


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