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    Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma (PC)    by   AvantAveGarde       (Mar 24th, 2018 at 18:24:06)

    When starting this game, I was already aware what type it would be. Spike Chunsoft is the developer and publisher of a previous game series I've played before, Danganronpa. From what I can tell thus far the games follow a similar premise where participants are coerced into a 'killing game' wherein they have to fight amongst themselves while trying to solve the grand mystery on how they got there in the first place.While playing these types of games, I do like to try and play it blind, but I will look up the puzzles if they are taking too long since my time is limited.

    First off, we all awaken in a mysterious prison with cuffs on our left hands, there are 9 people total in this room and we are approached by what seems to be a plague doctor. He offers a choice of a coin toss to decide whether we play this 'killing game' where 3 people are left alive (six killed) or whether we all go free. I chose correctly on the coin toss and funnily enough I got one of the game's endings already. It seems that there is multiple branches leading to different endings based on our decisions and by winning the coin toss everyone went home free. Of course we'll have to pick the wrong decision next for the sake of seeing what happens, but it was nice to see that in the beginning you could end the game immediately.

    After loading back up and choosing the other side of the coin, we are introduced into a different room. There a recorded video plays as all 9 of us watch in despair at the predicament we find ourselves in. The mastermind reveals himself as Zero, the second Zero (whatever that means) and divides us into groups. There is an elevator marked with a large 'x' on it that can only be opened up by the six elevator passes, an elevator pass is given to you after a player dies in the game. In other words 6 people will die at least in order for the rest to survive.

    The game starts itself off with an interesting premise, the animations / voice acting is a bit off though I'm sure I'll get used to it. Other than that it seems like an interesting game, though I'm interested to see if it matches to my expectations.

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    1979 Revolution: Black Friday (PC)    by   Allenkr       (Mar 24th, 2018 at 11:48:56)

    We get to a protest where we learn about the leaders. All they want is peace and the leaders of Iran aren’t really doing that. Some soldiers come and tried to take the leader of the protest. You meet your cousin who starts throwing rocks at the soldiers. Your friend who was showing you around tells you to be peaceful. Your cousin gives you a rock and want you to join him. You don’t and be peaceful. You get asked again and I was peaceful both times. The army the gets hit by a fire boom and fires a few shots. Everyone panics and runs away. I then have to do quick time events to get away. The first time I didn’t do it fast enough. I was trampled by the people running away. I then thought I need to start the whole game over. It just started the running over. I then help save the leader because he was stabbed by a knife. Called out he was stabbed by a traitor. We then go back to the torture room. The guy says the man you saved earlier was the one who previously beat your torturer. He then brings in your brother. I then don’t cooperate still. The brother gets tortured. At this point you got and meet your cousin again but almost get beat up again. All because you are an outsider. I am confused at this point. I don’t know what I am fighting for or why I am keeping someone I don’t know a secret.

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    Firewatch (PC)    by       (Mar 24th, 2018 at 01:07:24)

    This time I decided to play firewatch. At the beginning I thought the game kind of forced the player to choose between being a jerk or being a really mean jerk, the decisions that you do make at the beginning seem to have no short term effect on the outcome of the game. Firewatch seems to be intriguing and also very well written from the little of it that I played so far, I’m looking forward to playing more.

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    Shadow Of Mordor (PC)    by   Maria Mancera       (Mar 23rd, 2018 at 13:41:40)

    For this round I decided to play Shadow of Mordor. I recently took a class on The Lord of the rings, so I am kind of excited to learn more about the lore, and just have fun going through the game! In this game play it was more cut scenes to get the player settled into the situation that Talion (whom you play as) is in. You learn that his entire family gets massacred by Orcs. Talion is alos killed by the Orcs, but he doesn’t get the opportunity to move onto either the land of light or dark, he is stuck in between. Talion learns that in order to move on, he needs to find the Black Hand of Sauron and destroy it. The player moves onto some more gameplay. I got some intel on what my next mission was, and that is to find an Orc named Kimbul, I believe. I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to actually move around. I don’t really play slasher games, and I am definitely not used to it. There is quite a bit moving pieces, so I still need to figure out how to play this game. I died on a mini mission trying to save some humans that were enslaved, and apparently made the orcs stronger. That is where I left off and I hope to be able to advance some more later on.
    A few thoughts I had on this game while playing it was how the cut scenes showed very raw footage of the violence. I have no problems with violence, but it is definitely something to think about when it comes to the ethics in this game.

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    1979 Revolution: Black Friday (PC)    by   Allenkr       (Mar 22nd, 2018 at 22:50:53)

    Starts out explaining that this is a true story and the events happening are real. That Is cool, but also scary. You must be given ethical issues that you can’t get out of. You start out developing pictures of stuff so you can send it to the revolution people. You find out the police are coming. The game then tells you that every choice you make is a way to change the game later. One of the first choices you make is if the protest is going to be peaceful or violent. All of this is based on quick time events. You get captured. Which to me was going to happen anyway. You then go in to the interrogation room. Where you are tortured to get info about the revolution. I tried playing the “I don’t know anything card”, and the silent don’t do anything. That really didn’t get me anywhere. We then jump to a flash back to when we didn’t know about the revolution to teach us what that is. We take photos of the peaceful protests. Lots of quick time events that aren’t so much fun. You need to be fast on your toes. So far it isn’t a bad game. The only bad thing is the torture. That might change.

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    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (Arcade)    by   TKYROS

    No comment, yet.
    most recent entry:   Wednesday 3 November, 2010
    So, this is my final log. I had sat down last night to play this game around midnight. I had thought about what we had discussed earlier in class. How that we should play this game at different times so that we can guarantee that we are in a clear mindset and might notice something different, and I will be honest, I have notice a few different things this time around when I sat down to play.
    One thing I had noticed had to do with the concept of our “sign” conversation, the fact that different signs that have been set as a standard in most games to give clues to the player on how to advanced. See, the thing is, most things that I would considered to be “red”, I would consider them to be bad, something that can possibly hurt you, something that should be avoided as much as possible. And something that I had noticed is that in order to start the mission, the portal that you step in is red. Don't get me wrong, I'm probably looking at this way too deep, but go humor me for a moment. Lets face it, all the missions in GTA, will say for simplicity, are fairly violent. Beating up drug gangs, killing gangs that are on trains because they had set you up, etc... In other words, they would be what most people consider bad things. Maybe Rockstar was giving the connotation to for warn the player, especially the players who are minors, that they are going to do something “bad”. Of course, in order to unlock more in the game, the player needs to complete the missions, but there are so many different things that you can do in this game that are not necessarily bad, and not the missions. I knew quite a few people that when this game first came out, didn't exactly focus on the storyline, but rather just messed around. It's possible that this is the reason that Rockstar implemented cheats in this game, to give the player the ability to enjoy all the weapons and invincibility, while at the same time being able to avoid the campaign. Maybe that is a stretch. Maybe it's because red is the easiest to see. However, throughout missions if you need to go to certain spots to unlock more cut scenes and make the objective of the mission more clear, each spot is designated by that same red portal, that same concept that this is going to be “bad.” It was just a small observation, and maybe I'm looking way too much into it, but something I think that should be at least considered.
    Another thing that I had noticed, while going to continue a few missions, is the spray tags. I had totally forgotten that you do a few in one of the first few missions, but there are actually 100 scattered throughout the map. Of course, these are not required, but they do unlock something if you reach all 100 (forgot what it is) and you do earn respect as well. Again, it's this concept in doing something that is essentially illegal in order to unlock new things. I decided to purposely wait until a cop car drove by while stood at one that was near a street. And when I saw one drive by, I painted the wall, clear in site, and I didn't even get one star. Of course, maybe it was a programming fault that it didn't register as being known, but again, it possibly shows even more in depth the corruptness of the LAPD.
    I also had decided to do a few more missions as well. There were a couple missions that I found quite interesting. The one was with the main character's brother, Sweet. He is in trouble when he goes to pick up his girlfriend and gets ambushed by gangs, so you need to go out and help him. Of course, you have the typical choice of killing people in order to move on, but this time factor that these people are actually shooting back at you, so you need to defend yourself. Aside from that, the concept of family comes into play here. Carl is sacrificing himself in order to help out his brother, risking his life essentially. Or as the famous phrase goes, having his brother's “back”. I believe that what Rockstar is trying to show here that although Sweet may be Carl's brother, if Big Smoke or Ryder were the person involved, he would do the same for them. Family is very key in this game. I believe Rockstar is trying to display that your family goes outside of just the members that are by marriage or by blood. It's showing the fact your gang is also your family.
    While doing these missions, or going to Sweet's and/or Ryder's house in order to start them, I also had noticed that more and more people are walking around the area in green. I found this interesting, because in order to gain respect and have more people gain trust in the Grove gang, I had to essentially do all of these missions that involved the killing of other minorities.
    Also, I had started doing more of Big Smoke's mission (coincidentally labeled BS) and after doing the first few, we start to see officer Tenpenny more since the start of the game. He seems to always have been leaving Smoke's house right as you get there. It isn't exactly clear and Smoke never really tells you, and unfortunately, I do not remember why they end up going there. Smoke covers it up that there just poking their nose in everybody's business. What I find interesting about Smoke's missions is that almost every mission that I played, according to smoke, I'm “going to get into some real deep shit.”. It's interesting that this is coming from a person who earlier in the game actually references the bible but yea goes around shooting people off of trains and killing people in a mall. It's possible that this is the so called “friend” that goes a little too far. I remember he ends up dying, but unfortunately I do not remember why. Again, you're in this backing up your homies situation where if you don't go through with this, you'll lose a ton of respect, but if you do, you can end up in some real deep shit.
    In this last session, I had noticed that Rockstar does give hints that this game is extremely violent and essentially very bad for minors and tries to give them the option to elude away to do other things which I would still consider bad, but maybe not as bad and of course, that the missions never seem to change. You simply kill enemy gangs, just it seems to be for different reasons each time.

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