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    Firewatch (PC)    by   Equilities       (Jan 16th, 2018 at 21:06:28)

    In this session I completed day 2, which was a lot shorter than day one but I thought it was still a good stopping point.

    I primarily was able to explore the whole time, but in doing that I also was able to converse a lot with Delilah and now she knows all about Julia and why our character took the job. The game does a very nice job of keeping the areas fresh even though you are just in a huge forest. I got lost fairly easily but the game does manage to guide fairly well using subtle hints or conversation with Delilah. There were a couple interesting things that could be considered when it comes to moral standpoints, and that is the actions of the teens and how our character/Delilah wants to deal with it. Right now the game is building up the suspense to exactly what these weird things happening are, so there isn't much happening yet. But the story building is continuing mainly with Delilah and it still manages to make me want to learn more about what is happening in the forest and what happens between our character and Delilah.

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    Shadow Of Mordor (PC)    by   Jason Jackson       (Jan 16th, 2018 at 20:53:58)

    The gameplay was very interesting and engaging. The combat is easy, but very fluid (same with the climbing mechanics). There is a bug (or something) that I keep encountering with my pointer, but it is not too detrimental. The upgrade system seems very fleshed out, and will take some exploring to get used to. The graphics are amazing, and that further contributes to the cinematic feel that the game and cut scenes both seem to strive for.

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    Prison Architect (PC)    by   Emma Morrissey       (Jan 16th, 2018 at 20:19:49)

    The start of Prison Architect was somewhat rocky for me. This was either due to the fact I can sometimes be technologically inept or the game was having some trouble running on my unfortunate macbook pro (which usually only has to run art software or text editors for coding).

    I found the beginning of the game to be quite abrupt, I enjoy being thrown into the midst of things and Prison Architect did not disappoint. The tutorial involves building a new room for a prisoner who is going to be put to death: you are called by the CEO who states rather bluntly that this prisoner needs this room "for his big day". Said prisoner is in jail for double murder, but I can check his information to see that he has a wife, two children, and a living father. I also am the one in control of the electric chair that I've built- having been given the ability to turn it off and on.

    I ran into some issue with the game here, where I could not successfully designate rooms to be a cell or an execution room. I ended up restarting the game after attempting to figure out what was wrong for the first fifteen minutes. I was then thrown into a blank slate instance of the game where I had to build everything from scratch.

    So far, I feel the most notable part of this game is the player needing to consider everything a prison would need in a real world setting. I've realized that I will likely need to write out a budget for this game and do some difficult thinking on where to allocate resources. While I want to do as little harm as possible, this is a maximum security prison and some prisoners will be put to death as part of their sentencing. While they're just bits of information on a computer, I feel empathy for them and want to make their digital lives comfortable while also somehow managing resources. This game has certainly changed my way of thinking in order to adapt to playing. It's blunt with what must happen in order to maintain a virtual prison (poor living conditions, killing prisoners, etc.) and could be considered by some to be unethical for possibly altering player behavior to contradict beliefs.

    I think this is a bit of a stretch because so far it has not been gratuitously gory or anything of that nature. The game feels very corporate and impersonal. Players do not have to look at prisoner stats on their lives if they do not want to. It makes me think about how difficult it must be to manage a real prison with real people! I think that is the true ethical commentary of the game. While the game itself seems pretty typical for a simulator (though dark in nature), players inevitably consider how real prisons are managed and how the people in them are being treated. This aspect of the game interests me quite a bit because so far Prison Architect has been very difficult! I will look deeper into possible ethical issues within the game itself when I play again, but from the surface, Prison Architect plays like I would expect a prison simulator to be like.

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    Firewatch (PS4)    by   utah1886       (Jan 16th, 2018 at 20:08:38)

    The narrative of Firewatch begins by having you make ethical decisions such as taking care of your sick wife or putting her in a 24 hour care facility. Upon reaching the lookout tower, I was introduced to Delilah, the supervisor of the firewatch. While talking with Delilah over the radio, the game too gives choices to drive the conversation in a certain way. I had to find the culprits of some fireworks in the area and traced them to a couple girls skinny dipping in the lake which then gave me the option of handling it in a few different ways. I tried to be nice to them but they were still rude unfortunately.

    When looking at how Firewatch intersects with ethics, I thought of the forced point of view we went over in class. The game seems to really focus on making me feel as if I’m the main character Henry. The conversations and decisions I make are decisions that feel as if they have weight to them and are mine alone to make. With my in game wife Julia being sick and being forced to make the decision of her care, I really felt troubled and thought of what I myself would do if my wife was put in the same situation. Due to real life scenarios with my own family and sickness, it gave me the “pit at the bottom of my stomach” feeling and I could see how others could be triggered emotionally by the weight and tone of this game.

    This entry has been edited 2 times. It was last edited on Jan 16th, 2018 at 20:12:12.

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    This is the police (Web)    by   Sego001!       (Jan 16th, 2018 at 19:56:52)

    Starting with this is the police for OPA 1

    Might I start with

    I have little to no game experience

    I thought the particular way they chose to animate the game was really interesting. The super minimal design is a good choice for communicating a dystopic authorization theme.

    I think the actual mechanics of the game play seemed pretty accessible to someone with no game experience. I didn't super love the force situations that were sprung on you pretty immediately. It brought up the Singer "life boat earth" theory on let die vs killing. I do think that they did a good job on making it actually real life based at least in as far as not censoring some of the graphic nature of crime. I didnt love that it seemed like corruption is the only option but I think it was reflective of our current affairs. Over all I think that the actual game play is slightly repetitive and seeming random in its out comes but the story line seems to be the lime light so it makes sense to put in easier to navigate mechanics.

    (also dont help Kendrick for the love of god, let the idiot burn)

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    Super columbine massacre (Other)    by   emerrim1

    No comment, yet.
    most recent entry:   Wednesday 12 October, 2011
    Today was the last day of playing Super Columbine Massacre RPG. Again, I did not make it past the cafeteria, and it was extremely frustrating. There was no direction in the game after getting into the cafeteria, and because the graphics were so bad, it was impossible to tell what a camera even looked like, thus getting caught every couple of seconds and starting over.

    This game was just weird. I was expecting a very graphic game that was way too realistic, however, I was stunned when it was only blurry images scattered on a screen. In a way, it was a relief to not have to endure a realistic scene of playing a sick killer. It concerns me that this game was made. Why would anyone want to be or play the historical killers of Columbine? What kind of person would plant bombs in a school to get revenge? It makes me ill and sad to even think someone thought making this game was a good idea. Yes, the game is very poorly made, but just the fact that it was attempted to be made is unethical.

    It disturbed me when the game made you watch the goodbye video the two killers made. It tried to explain why they were doing this horrible thing, but it seemed to me that they were just angry. What makes someone get to this breaking point in their life? I do not recommend this game to anyone, and I really think it shouldn't be available for anyone to play. It was too soon to make this, and it makes me ill to know that people enjoy this game.

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