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    Photographs (PC)    by   jp       (Oct 17th, 2020 at 19:08:55)

    Whoops. I should have started this gamelog a while back. However, I have played recently - so I guess that works.

    I really like the photography mechanic here - it's implemented in a way that feels authentic with nice detail on the focusing and the audio. The photography, however is not really the central activity - since most of the game is really about puzzle solving. So far I've played through 3 characters' stories (I had no idea how many there would be - to be fair I still don't know but interstitial messages suggest that there'll be 5 of them). The first was a sad touching story about a grandfather saving his granddaughter (at least that's what I recall at this moment). The puzzles here were sokoban-style - you have to get characters to an endpoint by making them go in a direction. The 2nd story was about a teenage girl on a school diving team and how she dopes to win, but then loses it all. This episode seemed a bit long for me - and the puzzles were of the "shoot cannon and make the projectile land in a spot, sometimes hitting a thing along the way". You could change the direction of the cannon and sometimes also moves items in the environment. I didn't really enjoy these puzzles - they seemed to trail-and-error-ry to me.

    The 3rd story, which I finished yesterday - was MUCH more interesting, here I felt that the puzzles were much more connected to the theme of the story. It's about an indigenous people who welcome settlers, but then the settlers take over, the indigenous people are starting and stuff (tragic stuff) happens. The puzzles here were tangrams - but once completed the area you placed them in would grow food and different characters would eat. In a few of them the "lines" (plow lines?) would not line up with the majority - and those tangram pieces had an indigenous character on them. When the food would grow - they wouldn't see any food grow on their piece and would go hungry that turn! Whoah! I thought that was really cool - and the same idea was also used later when doing a puzzle in a riverbed area (that's dry - they went hungry again).

    I recall being interested in this game due to the picture taking mechanic (there aren't that many games with it - though the WWI game (11-11?) is a recent example I remember), but I'm surprised there's more to the game than that. I'm curious what the last two stories will be about. So far there doesn't seem to be any common thread tying them all together...

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    Before I Forget (PC)    by   jp       (Oct 15th, 2020 at 21:17:30)

    This one's unusual. I cited this game in a paper based on description from an interview (or something published, I don't recall off the top of my head). But, I never actually played the game.

    So, now I have!

    It's nice and short and the subject matter definitely puts it in the "this is not supposed to be fun" category.

    I was confused for a bit because I wasn't sure what to do - you're given an impossible objective (find someone) and then the game doesn't let you complete that (which is fine) but it kind of stalls out if you don't start exploring...basically finding objects and interacting with them. At that point color returns to the area where that object was - and you start to learn about the character you're controlling.

    She's got alzheimer's, is easily confused, and doesn't really know what's going on.

    You piece this together by observing the environment - noticing the dates, and so on.

    I enjoyed the experience and there are some nice "interludes" - flashbacks of a sort, and the whole experience is tinged with a lot of sadness as you realize that the protagonist is unaware of her situation - and her "rememembering" is there mostly for the player's benefit, or perhaps they represent "flashes" of memory? They're mostly rooted in the past - years ago...and then there is the obvious twist. The person you're looking is no longer around. You learn what happened to them and when of course.

    It's an unusual game experience, to be sure. My overall emotion was sadness...not just because of the protagonists situation, but also because of the sense that her life didn't "end well" - her marriage was struggling towards the end and...well, she doesn't really have much left except mementos from the past... Her life seems, meaningless in some sense? (despite being an accomplished and important scientist - you get the feeling that her professional career also feel of a cliff in the end)

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    Lego Battles (DS)    by   jp       (Oct 6th, 2020 at 19:38:16)

    It's an RTS on the DS! And it's Lego! It's been quite easy so far - but I've only played two levels to be honest. I'm not sure the interface will be able to handle what I expect is the forthcoming craziness of tons of units and stuff happening at the same time. We'll see.

    One of the neat things is that, AFAIK, this is a Travellers Tales game - so, the same company that made all the other Lego themed games (Lego harry potter, star wars, etc.). While this game doesn't have another IP slapped on it, they've kept some design elements! So, I was surprised to see that there are red bricks (dunno if you find or just buy them), there are also minikits, and so on. You can unlock new characters (not sure for what, though you do have a hero unit that has special powers - perhaps this will come into play later?)

    Anyways, it's been fun to see some of that design language (not sure if it's a design language) move across titles and genres...

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    James Patterson Women's Murder Club: Games of Passion (DS)    by   jp       (Oct 5th, 2020 at 12:21:56)

    Finished it! And, I enjoyed it - the gameplay was relaxing and chill despite the terrible hit detection for finding objects.

    Once I finished it I looked into a cool little side-activity. The back of the box calls it "Create your own mystery", which I was very intrigued by. It's not quite what I had imagined, but a fun diversion nonetheless. It's basically a mad-libs style mystery. So, there's a pre-written mystery you can experience but before you do that the game asks you to take pictures of specific things like "man" or "container" or "item of clothing" - these are then integrated (as in, shown on a scree) as a detective tells you about the mystery. So, the "suspect" might be the "man" you took a picture of who was covering his face with the "item of clothing" and so on. I think it was like 10 pictures or so, and they're used a few times. Fun little activity - and I like how it used the DS cameras - not that many games allowed for/made use of that potential, so kudos!

    In all, a positive and surprising activity - reinforces my notion that we can learn from all kinds of games even when we're not the target audience.

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    Transistor (PS4)    by   jp       (Oct 5th, 2020 at 12:17:38)

    So I finished this last night and, eh? I don't know what it is with Supergiant Games' games - but they never really resonate with me. I think this one was more interesting than Bastion because I thought the combat system (with the time-pause/plan) was neat. But, the last 3rd of the game felt rather "rote" in that I had figured out a set of combos that worked for me, and I stuck with them and other than one "scare" they served me well.

    The story wasn't interesting to me either, and while I did try to pay attention I just never liked the narrator's tone (not really a narrator but rather the main characters lover/spouse(?)). I can't really find fault with the game, to be fair, there's lots of little things that presumably I might have been all over (the detailed character info for all the programs you find and such) - the progression system, the mods and modifiers, etc. It's all there - but just never really gelled for me.

    So, I got to the end, played a few more battles in the "recursion" (new game+) and then called it a day.

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    Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (Street Fighter III: Third Strike) (PS2)    by   Palani

    No comment, yet.
    most recent entry:   Saturday 10 February, 2007
    Street Fighter's greatest strength has always been in its versus play. Arcade mode will keep a player entertained for only a limited amount of time and its in versus mode that the true challenge lies. So with two controllers and a couple of hours I fought cesanders and jkim for 'winner stays on' in versus mode.

    Having thoroughly explored the gameplay I can safely say that this SF3 offers a very rock paper scissors style. With all the fights taking place in 2D countering your opponents is all the more important (sidestepping is not an option). To every attack there are three options: a block, parry or a faster attack. Therefore there is very much an emergent element with knowledge and experience accumulated from previous fights. Knowing what to do when an opponent does a certain move, and which attacks of your character work (and which don't) for any given situation is key in versus mode. The reward from beating your opponent or successfully performing an ambitious combination kept us playing for ages. This combined with the short time (90 seconds on average) for a versus fight meant the game was often played between going to lectures or doing homework (a very pick up and play style). Its possible that this is now the most played game in the appartment due to the personal drive we experience to beat each other and improve.

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