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    Star Wars Battlefront II (PS4)    by   jp       (Aug 8th, 2020 at 14:52:03)

    I started playing the campaign and I was genuinely interested! The game looks great, you're playing an imperial agent and I'm intrigued as to where this will all go. However, once the action starts - it just doesn't seem to work all that well for me. I ran into too many moments where I was seeking cover by the side of a wall, shooting at an enemy well-within my sights and having all the shots go into...the wall. The camera seems to be a problem here and it's really getting in the way of things.

    Also, towards the tail end of the next mission (on Endor, trying to escape via some TIE fighters) - I died a lot due to enemies popping up out of nowhere and overwhelming me. The checkpoints weren't that generous so I got frustrated pretty soon. I've seen plenty of glitchy behavior too - with enemies floating around and bobbing behind cover.

    I'm not playing on easy - so I guess I could always dial that down, but I'm not having that much fun either? I've debated just deleting it (itching to see what Destiny 2 is up to, and there's the CoD battle royale I'm curious to try, but have no HDD space on the PS4 to spare). I don't know.

    I've heard the campaign was short and good - but I'm not seeing it yet. Give it more time?

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    Sonic Mania (PS4)    by   jp       (Aug 5th, 2020 at 18:54:24)

    I'm really enjoying this. Well, assuming I can get past the final boss of Act I in Studiopolis. It's a really annoying fight I've lost 4 times so far simply because I didn't know what to do. It also has a strange variable speed scrolling that has thrown me off, making it harder for me to avoid enemies. Perhaps I'm missing something?

    I would not have known this was a new Sonic game due to how well it emulated/resembles the original/older games. It's pretty uncanny. I've enjoyed the random stuff that's thrown in there. For example, one of the "boss fights" is actually a match of Puyo-Puyo! (or, as I remember from the genenesis - "Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine" - which I loved playing on emulator back in the late 90s).

    So far, the game's a joy but hard to get into after the precision of Celeste. Sonic definitely controls quite differently and I have a hard time with his static jumps - both the timing and controlling the landing. Perhaps I'll get better soon?

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    Space Hulk: Deathwing (PS4)    by   jp       (Aug 5th, 2020 at 18:50:47)

    I started up the 2nd mission earlier today. It did not go well. Perhaps the most frustrating thing about the game is not dying/losing - but rather the really, really long loading times. Embarrassingly long. So much that I'm not confident I'll want to get back to playing. I'm spoiled for choice, with a drawer full of games.

    I do think the slower paced FPS is an interesting design choice. There's not stealth just shooting - in narrow and confined spaces (so far). This makes it hard to plan and see what's going on and I'm not sure what "skillful play" is supposed to look like. It's super hard not to get hit, so is it mostly about managing the powers and teammates?

    I learned today that the apothecary can't heal infinitely - he eventually runs out. Which was a bad thing to learn when I learned it (and the main reason I lost that run).

    I guess I'm also not a fan of "here's your objective" type missions in which you complete said objective only to get another objective (that's far away). I understand them narratively, but why not just make it another level/mission? As a player it always feels like a let down - oh, that accomplishment I was happy about doesn't mean anything because you still haven't finished the mission. Oh, and the games that drag that out more than once? Those are the worst.

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    Celeste (PS4)    by   jp       (Aug 2nd, 2020 at 20:27:10)

    All done now!

    In all it looks like I spent 9 1/2 hours with the game, which is pretty nice. I'm ready to move on to the next thing. Yes, the end got really challenging at times and I'll admit that I turned off (on?) a bunch more things to make it easier.

    I wonder if there was any outcry/whining about the difficulty system? Now that I think about it, I could easily go and collect all the berries and hidden things and so on (e.g. to get all the trophies), but - what's the point really? From the trophy percentages - it looks like not a lot of people have bothered. I still wonder if there was any whining about "making things too easy" and that sort of misplaced complaining....

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    Psyvariar Delta (PS4)    by   jp       (Aug 2nd, 2020 at 15:41:22)

    Played the co-op and, as far as I could tell it's still essentially the same game. I know I haven't unlocked/played all the different levels and bosses, but I'm not all that interested or excited to do so. I've been really trying to get through the backlog of, on the shelf this one goes! It's got quite a few cool design things I learned about, but now I'd have to really chase scores and try to get good at it.

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    Chrono Trigger (SNES)    by   TDouglass

    An interesting step back in time, but nostalgia quickly gives way to an "outdated" feel.
    most recent entry:   Sunday 13 January, 2008
    Part 2


    After continuing with Chrono Trigger for some time, I quickly got tired of wandering around in circles in the World Map. Unfortunately, the combat system alone is not enough to make up for the lack of coherent directions or dialogue, and the plot is, simply put, not compelling. I did appreciate some of the newer skills that you can learn along the way, and I like the Combo system that becomes available with some of these skills. (Two pary members can use different attacks on the same targets as long as one of them uses a Combo move) That was exciting for me, because I am used to a "combo move" entailing multiple party members using the same attack to great effect, but this Combo system is much more engaging and mutable, since you can use any other skills you want with the other characters.


    Chrono Trigger may well have been cutting-edge in 1995, and I appreciate it for what it is. Of course it does not stand up to some of the next generation games as far as graphics or sound, but as is the case with many older games, is still somehow fun to play. Chrono Trigger's combat system is engaging and fun to play with over and over again. And since you will be playing with the same combat system for a very long time with this game, that is definitely a plus. A good RPG requires two things, however: a good combat system and an engaging storyline. Unfortunately, Chrono Trigger's story is bland and uninteresting. After the initial shock of going backwards in time a few hundred years to the town you started in, nothing really happens for a good amount of time. Long enough for me to lose interest in the characters involved, sadly. Chrono Trigger is useful in that it shows us which conventions of older RPGs have been recycled and which ones have been pruned. It would seem that game developers would side with me regarding the story, as many more compelling and immersive games have emerged in recent years. Still, Chrono Trigger's popularity at the time shows that the truly essential piece to a solid game is the gameplay itself, not the fiction surrounding that game.

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