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    Yakuza Kiwami (XBONE)    by   Sup3rCondor       (May 4th, 2021 at 10:19:46)

    Well, the game has been completed! As with Yakuza 0 I really liked this one! It's basically the same as yakuza 0 in terms of graphics and gameplay, but the game was almost 1/3 the length.

    The graphics are nice. They feel like the graphics a remastered Xbox 360 game would have on modern consoles. They are good enough for sure. The environments especially look great.

    The 3D brawler combat is almost 100% copied and pasted from the previous game. This isn't such a bad thing. It holds up well, and because of the upgrade system, there is more and more variety as the game goes on. Unlike Yakuza 0, the player upgraded their overall fighting skills rather than individual fighting styles. This allows switching between fighting styles based on where the fight is taking place, how many enemies there are, and what objects can be used in the fight.

    The story is great. As I mentioned, its a lot shorter than Yakuza 0. I beat the main story in about 10hrs. Where as is took me 27hrs to beat Yakuza 0. Kazuma Kiryu stands tall as a fantastic protagonist. He's a forever good guy in a criminal world. There is also a nice cast of other characters in Yakuza Kiwami, but I would say that's the biggest area that Yakuza 0 has the edge. The characters in that game were just so much stronger and likable, especially the villains.

    I'm excited to play the next game in the series. Yakuza Kiwami is a fun game! Honestly at this point, the Yakuza series is justifying my GamePass subscription. I would recommend anyone with an Xbox or a decent PC subscribe and play these games!

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    Scratch - The Forza Quiz... (Web)    by   ForzaHorizon786       (Apr 28th, 2021 at 10:09:52)

    Day 1 of the build! - Didn't take that long to make

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    Untitled Goose Game (Switch)    by   dkirschner       (Apr 27th, 2021 at 22:11:10)

    Beat this with Sasha the other night. It's a really silly game and lives up to its promise that you are a horrible goose. The premise is that you annoy the crap out of small town villagers, and it is a joy to be so annoying.

    You are given a series of objectives in each of several areas of the village. Objectives include things like stealing objects from villagers or otherwise doing something to them that causes them to look dumb (like knocking a bucket onto a man's head). The villagers obviously are not pleased with you, annoying goose that you are. They chase you and constantly try to fix what you have destroyed. Taking advantage of their impulse to clean up your messes, you can lead them around areas, divert their attention, and enjoy watching them shake their fists in frustration.

    So, the joy in the game is being annoying, yes, but there is also joy in solving its puzzles. You can see your to-do list, but it's up to you to figure out how to make whatever it is happen. Dress up the mannequin? Hmm. Have a picnic? Hmm. Etc. To cap off everything, I think, is the score, the rambling, crashing piano that escalates as you cause a ruckus.

    Worth a few hours.

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    Stitch Jam (DS)    by   jp       (Apr 26th, 2021 at 12:26:07)

    I've always thought that the music levels in the new(er) Rayman games were brilliant - it's an action game where your actions (when correct) are synchronized with the music. This is game is the complete opposite of that - it's a beat-matching game where the on-screen action is synchronized to the beats you need to match. It sounds strange but it works and it was really accesible (perfect match to target audience).

    There's a campaign/story with 10 missions that take place in different areas and Stick is basically following a pre-determined path. There are special "items" in the path and when Stitch reaches one you need press A or B. That's it - obviously music plays and the items on the path are matched to Stitch's speed and the beats/notes in the music.

    The overall experience is pretty neat, because the action plays out as if you're controlling it (eg. causin stitch to jump or duck) when you're actually following the beat/music.

    In addition to the regular items (they're thematic to each level), there are some that are blank - but when you get close they switch into either A or B (and you must press the correct button). There are also arrows, when you press those Stitch moves up or down, or jumps or dodges.

    The game is surprisingly short, though there's a bonus story mode (3 more levels) and challenge modes and whatnot. There are even 4 characters to play as - and getting certain scores and stuff unlocks outfits for them.

    Strangely the game is also somehow connect to a thing called "Disney Gamer" - which seems like some sort of online portal (social network?). I guess at that time everyone was into setting up their own online community? But still, for a kids DS game that seems a bit much - I'm guessing it never went anywhere?

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    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (PS4)    by   jp       (Apr 25th, 2021 at 19:40:28)

    I think what I've enjoyed the most so far is feeling completely overwhelmed while trying to understand what exactly this game is trying to be/provide. For a while I thought that this was "like Destiny" - there's a main story, but lots of daily quests and missions of different times you can do. It all takes place on a giant map - so it definitely felt like a "modern shooter" version of that.

    But then, I've played a few missions and it's not like that at all - mostly because the missions are really short and you spend most of your time travelling to get to the mission's location. So, they're not like Destiny's strikes - where you instance and then spend 30 minutes following a mission. Here you sort of pick a location, get there and you're done as soon as you talk to person "X" or as soon as you dispatch all the baddies there.

    So, then I thought maybe this is more like the (early) Assassin's Creed games I've played (it is after all a Ubisoft game) - but again, there are important differences here as well. For one, this game has the levelling up for both character and items/gear/weapons. I guess this is why I was making the connection to Destiny?

    I guess I should also play The Division because now that I think about it, perhaps that's the closer connection?

    Anyways, I have been having fun! Though I've been playing on easy which probably explains a lot. Interesting things so far:

    (a) The game offers two main modes of play which I'll describe as "arcade" and "simulation". The sim version has no UI and (I guess) is more realistic in that you have to really explore and stuff rather than relying on the UI to tell you where to go and that sort of thing. The two settings are interesting, but I'm most surprised by the fact that you can simply switch over from one to the other AND, more importantly, you can create you own hybrid mode by toggling a bunch of different settings. Ubisoft has really leaned into the "config this game however you want" beyon controls, which is pretty interesting. Especially since the game (presumably, I haven't tried it yet) has pretty robust multiplayer offering including co-op and what I think is some kind of general shared-world campaign.

    (b) The whole thing is connected to Ubisoft's game service network (UPlay?) which is pretty amazing (annoying too) given that it resides on top of the Playstation infrastructure - I think I can buy stuff through their store and I'm not sure if that would bypass Sony's store? I think this is all pretty wild in the context of the Apple/Epic store kerfuffle - because this seems very much like an example of two different ecosystems sort of playing well with each other? I signed up with some sort of throwaway account that is somehow linked to my gmail...

    (c) I've been getting emails to this account that recognize/know what I've done in the game! Their friendly and all, but it was kind of creepy to get an email recognizing that I had made some in-game progress and all...

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    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)    by   Endless

    No comment, yet.
    most recent entry:   Wednesday 3 November, 2010
    The last and finally day of playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was probably the most entertaining. I said to myself prior to playing the game that I will successfully enter the cheat code unlike the earlier days. For some reason the second day I couldn’t activate the cheat code. So I tried it again today. I tried once again activating the all weapons and full health cheat code. This is the hardest cheat code for me. I can’t seem to activate it. It was getting really frustrating so I just when on to another cheat code. It was for a rhino tank. I entered this code one time and a tank magically appeared in front of me. Being the unethical person that I am, I hopped into the rhino tank and started to go on a joy ride. I realized that any car that basically touches my tank will instantly blow up. I also noticed that I can fire missiles out of the tank which was another tempting feature the creators of the game added. I decided to go on with it and just start firing some missile out of the tank. All of a sudden my wanted level started to go up and cops were all over me. The cops couldn’t stop me though. As soon as they touched my tank they just blew up. So I was just laughing as they tried to stop me on my joy ride. I was acting like a psychopath by basically running over everyone and everything in my path. Anyone that stood in front of me died. This continued for a good fifteen minutes until the army itself came after me. There were other tanks that started to come after me. They immediately blew up my tank and I ended up in the hospital. Ironically the game charges me money every time I go to the hospital. They took all my weapons and charged me for the healthcare bill. I thought that this was a sort of realistic part of the game despite the part that they just confiscate the weapons and let me go.

    I then decided to ignore the missions once again. I felt like trying another cheat code. This time it was the jet pack. This was another easy cheat code to activate. I was able to activate the cheat code and start flying around all around the game. After a while I ended up in the Las Santos International Airport. I said to myself, is it possible to jack a plane? I went on the runaway looking for a plane. I noticed a private jet was just sitting there doing nothing. I took off my jet pack and hopped in the plane. I suddenly felt invincible. This game gave me the feeling that I can do anything I want that I probably can’t do in really life. I can be a pilot if I wanted, I can be a part of the military driving a tank, I can drive an ambulance and help people, and I can even be a taxi driver. When I started flying the private jet, I just began roaming around the city. I was flying everywhere looking at the scenery and just observing everything. For some weird reason, I have no idea why. In the middle of my plane joy ride, I noticed that my wanted stars just went from 0 to 5. I said to myself, so what. The cops are on the ground and I am flying in the sky. Something I didn’t realize was that the cops also had planes. They snuck up from behind me and without any warning just shot my plane. I lost control of the plane. But I wanted to go out with a bang. So I made sure that I steered the plane into the closest building and right before it hits I would jump out of the plane. Unfortunately I did not survive the fall from the plane and ended up getting “wasted”. Was it ethical of me to purposely steer the plane into a building? I would say no. But I know that it is just a game and the cops shot me down without a warning. So it was sort of a payback.

    I also noticed that all the missions essentially require me to do something illegal. For example the first mission was to spray paint walls. The deeper you get into the game the more missions you would have to complete, and the more illegal activities you would have had to complete. I found it interesting how this game gives the character a lot of freedom. You can do a lot of things that are normally not available in other games. The dialogue is realistic with the characters cursing all the time. You can even eat food in the game to recover health or get fat if I want to. Despite all the freedom you get in the game, I came to the conclusion that it is all set up in a way that you are violent. Sure you can avoid killing people. But how long can you avoid doing that? Once you get in a car, you do not plan on following the rules of the road. You just want to drive non-stop even if that means driving on the sidewalk and running over the pedestrians.

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