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    The Talos Principle (PS4)    by   jp       (Mar 24th, 2019 at 22:23:17)

    I finished it, and I have more questions than answers. I did start to get a bit tired of the puzzles, there were too many for my taste and it felt a bit onerous to have to do them all - so I did the ones you had to do and left it at that. I'm really curious about the top of the tower, but I got stuck at a point where I needed a code and I could not find said code nor did I know where it might have been found. So, that gave me a great excuse to just finish the regular game and move on.

    Overall? I really enjoyed it. The game is definitely more polished that I expected but, more interestingly, through all the reading and the interactions with the other character - I really got into the game and curious about what was going on and such.

    The hint system is a waste of time - it takes too long to unlock (A LOT of extra work) for very little payoff (a one time clue, AFAIK), so a huge waste of payoff there...

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    Minit (PS4)    by   ttifere       (Mar 22nd, 2019 at 20:02:08)

    Minit is a game whose central mechanic revolves around dying every 60 seconds, hence the title. This mechanic is introduced very early in the game, as you explore a charming 8-bit style world, akin to the GameBoy classic – The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

    The world you find yourself in is seemingly open, yet with roadblocks and hurdles that you cannot yet circumvent. As you progress through the game, you must explore every nook and cranny within the 60 second time limit to find new items that allow you to push through the obstacles in your path. Some items may require you to aid villagers in need, where others are simply hidden away.

    Though the puzzle design of finding items to continually progress is quite linear, the player is never expressly told where to go next, and so trying to figure out your next move can be fun and challenging within 60 seconds.
    The biggest shortcoming in Minit is the expectations that the game puts on the player. There are a few paths in the game which require intense scrutiny from the player’s observational skills. For instance, one of the heart containers, which increase your maximum health, is hidden behind a random wall in a dark maze. This wall looks exactly like a normal wall, and there is seemingly no feasible way of discerning that it is an illusion, so the player must discover this by attempting to walk into every wall in the maze, or by accident.

    I feel that design choices like this could always be improved by teaching the player how to pick up on illusory walls, or by changing the look of the fake wall to make it less difficult to notice.

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    Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii)    by   dkirschner       (Mar 10th, 2019 at 16:41:12)

    Simple game with cute, creative art and a neat "yarn" mechanic. Instead of sucking up enemies like Kirby usually does, he tosses out yarn (like Scorpion in Mortal Kombat: "Get over here!") to unravel enemies and pull objects around. This is because in the story, Kirby has gone to yard land or something because the ultimate boss, Yin-Yarn (pun, +10 points), is turning Dream Land (Kirby's home) into yarn. It's extremely gory with blood and guts and spine ripping and everything. Oops, still thinking about Mortal Kombat. Kirby is totally kid friendly.

    This kept me entertained for about 6 hours to breeze through the single-player story. You can play co-op, though I'm not exactly sure what that adds besides the joy of playing with a friend, as you can do everything alone and there don't seem to be mini-games or anything requiring two players.

    Anyway, the selling point of this game is the yarn gimmick. You don't just use yarn to grab enemies, but you use it to swing from attach points, to shapeshift into cool vehicles in a lot of the levels, and to literally reconfigure parts of the level (always neat). Like I said, it's kid stuff, so it's not going to blow your mind, and it's nothing you haven't seen similarly before (usually with grappling hooks in other games), but it's cool, it's slick, it's fun, it's relaxing, and it's charming to play. Worth the purchase.

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    No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle (Wii)    by   dkirschner       (Mar 8th, 2019 at 21:36:36)

    Meh Wii game with some highs and lows.

    Style. The game's got this B movie aesthetic with over-the-top sex and violence. I was into the violence, but the sex stuff was mostly jiggly boobs and stupid one-liners. The main character, Travis Touchdown, is pretty irritating too. He's supposed to have bad-boy attitude. You save the game by going into the bathroom and pooping, and when you play as a woman character, by taking a sexy shower. It feels like the game is for 12-year-old boys and I would be embarrassed to play it around anyone. The cel-shading looks great.

    Combat. Fun, but overstays its welcome. The game is broken up into fights where you climb the ranks (through 50, though you probably actually play 15 or so) of fighters to make it to #1. It makes very cool use of the Wiimote and nunchuck motion controls. When you deplete an enemy's health, you do an execution by swinging the Wiimote in whatever direction pops up on screen. This decapitates, disembowels, splits in half, and chops off limbs. Wonderfully gory and slick. You can also, when enemies are stunned, get in close and do piledrivers and things, by swinging the Wiimote and nunchuck together. The combat overstays its welcome because there are some seriously long sequences fighting regular enemies on the way to bosses. One time I thought the game might have been stuck in a loop. It was like 15 minutes of wave after wave after wave.

    Bosses. Fights are generally very easy. A couple of them have little tricks to figure out, and these were my favorite ones. Bosses are very weird and imaginative. A couple of my favorites were fighting the cosmonaut ("the entire fucking space program," as Travis says) and the spider-girl. The trick to the latter is to time rolls when she shoots at you so you can close in and attack her. The final boss is a rich child at the top of a tower who looks sort of like the Riddler riding in a flying car. The second phase is him bulked up looking like a super hero. The third phase is him like a Macy's Thanksgiving Parade float. Yeah, I have no idea.

    Story. The story makes little sense, aside from the "climb the ranks of fighters" thing. It picks up where the previous game left off, and makes a lot of references to events and characters from the previous game. It seems that some of the bosses you fight were in the first game (or their parents or siblings were or something). Travis has a protege who you get to play a couple levels with. She's basically there to be objectified. Then there's Travis's brother, who you rescue (I forget when or how this even happens) and do a fight inside of a dream, which was weird, with some anime girl in a robot suit. There's the head of the fighters' association, a woman with more personality, but also sex appeal. Then there is this mystery woman (Travis's girlfriend from the first game?) who talks on the phone, telling someone about various enemies you will fight, and the camera only shows her mouth, breasts, legs, and up her skirt. Yikes.

    Minigames. These deserve a mention also for being super weird. You can play these to earn money to purchase upgrades and new weapons (all of which seem pretty unnecessary). I upgraded my strength to like 3 of 7 and my stamina maxed 7 of 7. I did purchase two weapons, which looked like that was it. Anyway, the mini games are all like retro arcade style. In one, you have to grill steak for customers to their desired done-ness. In another you have to collect scorpions that have infested a field. If you get stung, you have to go find anti-venom. Another sees you collecting coconuts by kicking trees and catching coconuts in a basket. The minigame NPC says "I wish my wife could handle coconuts as good as you." Har har. In another, you have to collect objects from outer space, bring them back to your shuttle, and avoid asteroids. In another, you have to lay pipes to control the flow of water. The more pipe you lay (e.g., the longer route you make the water flow), the more cash you can earn. These are silly and unnecessary, an odd diversion.

    Jeane. The best part of the game is your cat, Jeane. Jeane begins the game with a weight problem at like 25 pounds. You can play with her in between missions to help her lose weight. You also need to feed her food to keep her happy. But you can give her the cheap shit for $10 or supreme cat meals for $1000, which of course I purchased. The best cat minigame is giving Jeane a massage. You have to move the analog stick back and forth, up and down, clockwise, or counterclockwise as the prompt appears on screen, and Travis rubs Jean's belly accordingly. It's pretty funny and cute. Jeane now weighs about 10 pounds and is happy and healthy. Yay!

    Overall, this game was easy to play. It didn't really spark joy, but was relaxing and the right kind of weird, despite its often juvenile humor and objectification of women characters, for me to enjoy clicking through. Very glad to have experienced the controls.

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    Cuphead (XBONE)    by   ttifere       (Mar 8th, 2019 at 00:46:26)

    Cuphead is a shoot ‘em up, in the style of a late 80’s - early 90’s run and gun game. Like its predecessors, Cuphead is a difficult game in which constant repetition is needed to finish each stage or boss fight.
    Where Cuphead stands out is its 60’s style aesthetic, all the way down to hand drawn animation. This ‘Merry-Melodies’ look is a clear differentiating factor and allows Cuphead room to breathe in today’s crowded indie market.
    From the moment you begin your save file, Cuphead feels good to play. The frames of animation are smooth, and the character movement is almost fluid. This fluidity is essential when designing a tough game, as it places all the control in the players hands. Thus, when the player inevitably dies, they feel it was their fault, rather than busted enemy spawns, for example.
    This game demands mastery in-order to see the finish line. Using mechanics like the parry ability are a must. This allows the player to bounce off pink enemy projectiles, save teammates from death and charge their super meter to unleash devastating blows. Another such mechanic is the ability to swap your character’s gun loadout mid fight. It’s important to know when to use a shotgun-like spreadshot and when to use your standard gun, as the difference could mean defeating a boss before suffering your final hit. Mastering these techniques will ultimately occur over the multiple runs through each level, but the sooner you can pick it up, the better.
    The joy this game brings is due to the overwhelming sense of accomplishment the player feels upon finally overcoming an immense obstacle. Cuphead’s popularity shows that the demand for difficult games, where a game’s longevity is based on how hard it is, and not the overall length of the story, are seeing a return from the 80’s and 90’s titles like Mega Man, Contra and Ninja Gaiden.

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    Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas (XBX)    by   SHgamer916

    No comment, yet.
    most recent entry:   Wednesday 5 March, 2008
    In this game you play a former gangster who's just moved back to his old neighborhood. The objec tis to complete missions for members high up in the gang world heirarchy or mob bosses. Completing missions as well as maintaining your character's gang status, sex appeal, fat, muscle, and respect are crucial. If you choose not to follow the missions the extremely open gameworld allows you to aimlessly take part in many activities.

    Playing this game is very exciting most of the time. Staying in your own gangs territory is imperative because if you dont you often encounter the opposing gangs is very unhappy with this fact and shows up with guns blazing on you and your crew with cars and gang members on foot making sure you know not to come into their territory again.

    The characters in this game are very unique I have never played a game that embodies the "gangster" lifestyle and represents it so well. The characters are very realistic looking and as your character's stats show working out, being appealing to women, looking good, and having respect are all very important. The games story is not too important to me I enojy wandering in the gameworld where I can get my hair cut, shop for clothes, go to strip clubs, take taxi's, fight fires and respond to crimes if I car jack a firetruck or a cop car.

    This game is very interesting to play because of the options for game play that are available, mini missions, aimless wandering, or completing missions earning money and participating in gang activity.
    Social interaction in this game is the highest level I have experienced because there are so many pedestrians, store clerks, cops, firefighters, strippers, hookers, gang members all that are available for interaction. I loved the fact that I could shoot, hit, or talk to any person I saw or wanted to interact with

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